Paige urges WWE to sign ‘Fighting with my Family’ brothers as she hails NXT UK

Paige has told WWE chiefs that they can keep the ‘Fighting with my Family’ connection going in the ring – by signing up her brothers.

The WWE legend was forced to retire from the ring back in April 2018 after a serious neck injury that required two successive surgeries.

Despite ‘feeling great’, her return to the squared-circle remains unlikely as she targets a career in acting.

But she would like to see her family’s famous reputation extended to the booming NXT UK brand – and believes her brothers, Zak and Roy and, and her nephew Ricky Knight Jr would be perfect additions to their impressive roster.

“It’s pretty much a brand in its own right at this point,” said Paige, speaking exclusively to the Mirror ahead of Sunday’s WWE Royal Rumble pay-per-view, which is live on BT Sport Box Office .

“When I came over to America when it was just FCW and they didn’t have any television whatsoever and it was like a little shack that you wrestled in. 

“There was only like six girls and maybe like 30 or 40 guys. Now there are like hundreds.

“I just feel that NXT UK has took off from how NXT was a success too. And how the British scene has kind of exploded over the past for years too.

“When I left, the British scene wasn’t as big. In some ways it was still like a taboo where some people were not really fans of wrestling. They were like closet fans.

“But now everyone obviously loves it and all that anyone really talks about.

“And by the way, sign my brothers and my nephew: The Hooligans and Ricky Knight Jr.

“I’m just throwing that one out there. 
But yeah, it’s like it’s going to be even more a big success and NXT is going to keep on taking over. Essentially, I feel like they already have.”

Paige, who now lives in California with her rocker boyfriend Ronnie Radke and beloved pitbull dog Lobtster, was delighted to spend some time back home with her family last week when she led the launch for BT Sport’s coverage of WWE in London. And she loved every moment of it.

“It was wild,” she says, laughing. 

“I haven’t really come back to England for a hot minute too.

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