Pep Guardiola told he would have struggled in doomed six-month Man Utd role

Pep Guardiola is considered as one of the best managers of all-time, but even he couldn't pull off a miracle at Manchester United, according to Simon Jordan.

Guardiola has overseen success at Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Manchester City, and he has turned the city of Manchester blue in recent years. Their recent dominance has seen Guardiola put together one of the great Premier League sides, which is a complete contrast to neighbours United who are amid a crisis.

But even though Guardiola is considered as one of the greats, even he wouldn't be able to turn things around at United. That's according to Jordan, who has shown sympathy for Ralf Rangnick.

Rangnick was appointed as interim boss last year, but United have seen no improvement since Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was replaced. But Jordan thinks that even Guardiola would have struggled if he was given the same challenge.

Jordan said on talkSport: "I felt that Ralf Rangnick would go into Manchester United and he would be a C-change. He would have the courage to put his foot down. I think it's much more difficult than that.

"The entire culture at United is wrong. I think the fabric of the playing squad is wrong. They've brought the wrong players and they're going to have to change it.

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"I think if you had put Pep Guardiola in there for six months, you would have struggled with the current group of players and the current attitude. Just looking at the disposition of that club from the owners, to the fans, to the whole outlook.

"I'm not saying Rangnick has been a failure, there's a difference. I think the landscape would not allow anybody to be a success. By the parameters of what we consider success to be."

Rangnick's time as United manager is coming to an end as Erik ten Hag will take over in the summer. The Dutchman has been appointed on a long-term deal, as he looks to be the answer to United's problems.

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