Berbatov hands Kane transfer warning after past experience with Levy

Harry Kane has been warned that if a potential suitor does not meet Tottenham's valuation they will have a "hard time" dealing with Daniel Levy.

Dimitar Berbatov managed to force through a move from north London to Manchester United in 2008.

The Red Devils are one of three teams who have reportedly enquired about Kane, along with rivals Manchester City and Chelsea.

Getting the striker out of Tottenham will not be easy though with club chief Levy known to be a hard nut to crack in negotiations.

Berbatov insists the chairman will not be concerned by who comes knocking on his door.

"He's always looking for the best interests of the club," he told previously.

"I don't care who you are or where you come from, or how much money you have, if you don't give the money I want, you know you're going to have a hard time.

"I would be the same if I was a chairman of a club as well. The club comes first always and that's why I'm so happy to see how the club has developed with a new ground and a new stadium, which is the best in Europe."

Berbatov himself endured a long drawn out transfer saga before eventually sealing his move to Old Trafford.

Sir Alex Ferguson said that dealing with Levy was more painful than his hip replacement.

The Scot said he expected to sign Berbatov, which resulted in Tottenham registering a complaint.

But the Bulgarian insists the whole situation was simply each party looking after themselves.

"That was nothing personal though, it was only business," he added.

"It happens all the time in football. You cannot take it personally. If you do, it's not good for anyone. It's just business and of course your club comes first.

"If you give me the money I want then we can speak and do business. It's just the way it is in football."

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