Nico Rosberg ‘very happy’ ex-rival Lewis Hamilton made ‘dumb’ mistake at Italian GP

Lewis Hamilton made a “dumb” mistake at the Italian Grand Prix, according to former rival and team-mate Nico Rosberg.

Hamilton was putting the pressure on race leader Charles Leclerc late on when he locked up at the Roggia chicane.

The Brit consequently had to weave through some polystyrene barriers off the track as his Mercedes team-mate Valtteri Bottas stole a position.

And Rosberg claims he was delighted to see the five-time world champion struggling.

“Even Lewis, I was very happy to see actually he made a similar not so smart move as I did five years ago,” Rosberg said on his YouTube channel.

“I thought I was the only dumb person at the time that would go straight on at the chicane and actually give up a place.

“To go around those polystyrene blocks takes for ever. Lewis did the same.

“Lewis went straight on and gave up the position to Valtteri which made me feel a little better for once.”

Just before Hamilton made the costly mistake Leclerc also struggled on the same part of the circuit.

However, the Ferrari star acted quickly to get back onto the track and defend his place from Hamilton.

“Leclerc cut the chicane and he did that much more smart than I did five years ago,” Rosberg added.

“I was leading Lewis five years ago and I also locked up in that same corner but stupid me, instead of jumping over those lumpy kerbs and not losing any time, I went straight on through the polystyrene blocks and that is how you lose a position and Lewis went on to win.

“Leclerc went over those big kerbs and didn’t gain an advantage and did everything right.”

In theory, Leclerc would have been made to give up his leading position to Hamilton because he did not leave a car-length space when re-entering the track.

But talks before the race between teams, drivers and organisers agreed they would be less strict in Monza.

So Leclerc was only shown a black and white chequered flag and was allowed to continue his drive to secure a second win of the season.

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