Aston Martin’s Lance Stroll wants to settle Max Verstappen argument ‘once and for all’

Chris Evans says Max Verstappen needs to 'be a bit nicer'

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Lance Stroll may not be anywhere near overhauling Max Verstappen in F1 right now, but he’s keen to go head-to-head with the Red Bull man off the track. In fact, there is an issue that the young Canadian star wants to settle with the reigning world champion “once and for all.”

Verstappen, 24, is now right back in the world title hunt this season, following another dominant win at the Miami Grand Prix. It meant he cut the overall lead of Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc to just 19 points, as he bids to retain the title he won so dramatically in the final race in Abu Dhabi in 2021.

But there is one table he’s definitely nowhere near the top of. The official F1 YouTube account has uploaded a video dubbed ‘Grill the Grid 2022: Driver Heights!’, in order to establish the tallest, and smallest, competitors in F1.

The overall ‘winner’ was adjudged as Esteban Ocon, ahead of Alpine teammate Fernando Alonso. But the bone of contention for Stroll was the apparent claim that Verstappen was 0.5 centimetres taller than him.

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“Really? He claims that?” asked Stroll. “He knows exactly how tall I am? Le’t get him in the room. Settle this once and for all.” Stroll, it must be said, did also appear amused by the notion, laughing as he spoke to the interviewer.

Indeed, the Dutchman himself then seemed to contradict the suggestion that he had argued he was taller than Stroll. When put to him that he was 0.5 centimetres taller, he chuckled and replied: “Ok. Never felt like it it.”

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Regardless, the claim was seemingly dismissed in the final leaderboard. Stroll took sixth place alongside Haas driver Mick Schumacher and Mercedes man George Russell.

Verstappen was finally awarded joint 16th place with three others, with only Alex Albon adjudged smaller than him. Lewis Hamilton meanwhile, took ninth – although fair to say the final standings were anything but official.

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