Fresh off Thomas torching, Peters admits subpar play

Marcus Peters has been a boom-or-bust defender throughout his career. The cornerback might get beat one play, but he’ll also sprinkle in ridiculous game-changing interceptions.

Through nine games with the Los Angeles Rams, however, he’s been far more bust than boom.

Entering Sunday afternoon’s tilt versus the New Orleans Saints, Peters had allowed 11.7 yards per target (83rd out of 86 CBs with 25-plus targets), a 138.7 passer rating (80th), and five TDs in coverage (T-3rd most in NFL), per Pro Football Focus.

Then he faced Michael Thomas.

The Saints receiver ate up Peters. The Rams corner almost gave up a perfect passer rating when converging on Thomas Sunday. Head-to-head, Peters allowed six receptions on eight targets for 127 of Thomas’ 211 yards, and a touchdown, for a 156.3 passer rating against.

"I can stand up, I can play better, I’ve been playing [poorly] the last couple weeks and that’s just being honest," Peters said, via the team’s official website. "With me, I’m going to continue to fight and that’s the type of player I am. … You’re going to get beat in football, but you go out there and you compete to the highest of your ability and [stuff] happens."

On the season, Peters is allowing a 144.2 passer rating against with four passes defended and one INT (touchdown versus the Raiders).

The 25-year-old corner dealt with a calf injury early in the season but didn’t sit out a game. Peters insisted the injury didn’t play a role in his struggles and that he’s currently healthy.

"If I wasn’t healthy, coach wouldn’t have me out there," Peters said. "Like I said, I’ve had a bad couple of weeks you feel me? I own up to that and I step up to that. I’m a top [expletive] corner in this league and I ain’t been playing like that. You can put that on me."

He later added: "I get beat sometimes, but I go back and I change to go do what I’ve been doing — every week to week, day to day, grinding — I come out here and I compete my ass off."

Every cornerback to ever play football gets beat. That’s the nature of the position. The best are able to move on.

Peters’ struggles this season coupled with Aqib Talib’s injury have taken what most expected to be a strength and hindered that success.

Sitting at 8-1 with a clear path to the NFC West title, the Rams have time for Peters and the secondary to get right. With a division tilt versus the Seattle Seahawks and a Monday night showdown in Mexico against the high-flying Chiefs (Peters’ former team), however, the cornerback needs to be at his best over the next fortnight.

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