Baltimore vs. Pittsburgh updates: Live NFL game scores, results for Sunday

Halftime Recap

By the looks of things, Pittsburgh are still riding the wave of a three-game winning streak. They have emerged as the frontrunner at halftime and are ahead of Baltimore 14-6. Pittsburgh have come by their advantage honestly, as they have outgained Baltimore 212 to 169.

James Conner has led the way so far for Pittsburgh, he has picked up 70 yards on the ground on 9 carries and snatched 1 receiving TD. James Conner has been one of their standout athletes in their past four games.

Week after week, Pittsburgh have been getting the job done. We’ll see if they can protect their lead and keep up this hot streak.

Game Preview

Baltimore will be playing at home against Pittsburgh at at 2:00 p.m. on Sunday. Baltimore are expected to win — but not by much — so they will need to come into the game prepared for a fight.

The match between Baltimore and Carolina last week was not a total blowout, but with Baltimore falling 21-36, it was darn close. A silver lining for Baltimore was the play of Joe Flacco, who passed for 192 yards and 1 touchdown. If you haven’t heard Flacco’s name lately, then you haven’t been paying much attention: he has loomed large in their past eight games.

Meanwhile, Pittsburgh might be getting used to good results now that the squad has three wins in a row. They had enough points to win and then some against Cleveland, taking their match 33-18.

Pittsburgh’s victory lifted them to 4-2-1 while Baltimore’s loss dropped them down to 4-4. With four turnovers, Baltimore had trouble holding onto the ball. We’ll see if Pittsburgh exploit that vulnerability.

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