Conor McGregor admits 'disrespecting' team led to explosive UFC return

Conor McGregor admits ‘disrespecting’ his team led to renewed commitment and explosive UFC return against Donald Cerrone

  • Conor McGregor felt spurred on in UFC return due to newfound commitment 
  • The ‘Notorious’ dispatched Donald Cerrone in just 40 seconds at UFC 246 
  • And McGregor later reflected on the reasons behind his explosive victory 

Conor McGregor branded himself ‘Mr weight class’ and admitted ‘disrespecting’ his team led to the renewed commitment to come back better than ever against Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone.

The ‘Notorious’ dispatched his American opponent in 40 seconds with a blistering display of striking at UFC 246.

After the victory he reflected on the night’s work, his transformation and what might lie in store this year.

Conor McGregor admitted ‘disrespecting’ his team led to his explosive UFC return on Saturday

‘I did come out and let that left hand go from the chamber,’ he said. ‘I’d put that down to 15 months out of the Octagon, a little bit too much stepping into the shot, Donald is good at ducking under. I was eager. I noticed Donald has many discrepancies that can set him up for the high kick.’

It was a head kick that signalled the beginning of the end for Cerrone but McGregor improvised with some creative shoulder strikes early on, breaking his opponent’s nose.

‘They’ll have to say now that I’ve got a left hand and a left shoulder. The so called experts say I’ve just got a left hand, it’s disrespectful. When we separated the nose and the eye was bust.

‘I spent a long time in my boxing gym back home but look at what happened, I smacked him with my shoulder and smacked him with my foot!’

McGregor dispatched American opponent Donald Cerrone after just 40 seconds in Las Vegas

McGregor has been noticeably more calm this week and there’s been a distinctive mellowing of attitude.

On the turnaround and renewed commitment, he said: ‘I achieved it all, broke the game before 30. One belt isn’t enough anymore, you have to have two to start earning it big style. My coach always said it’s the worst thing if the student achieves it all. I came back for the love, that’s it, the love. It’s a learning curve.

‘My commitment changed, it was disrespectful to the people who believe in me. I’ve got people who put in their all and take time away from their family. I just felt I disrespected people who believe in me and support me so that’s what led me to turn it back.

‘I’m Mr weight class, I’ve gone through all the divisions, three of them now. It’s just about commitment. Tonight is my night but all I did was just put in the work. We know what the work is we have to do but sometimes we don’t do it. Your interest can wane so it was about recognising what needs to be done and that leads me to enjoy it more. You put in the work and you reap the rewards.’

The ‘Notorious’ later branded himself ‘Mr weight class’ and highlighted increased commitment

McGregor looked back to his very best in Las Vegas and there are a number of huge fights he could take this year.

He mentioned a few of the possibilities. ‘I don’t think the who matters. The lightweight title will be there, that will come back around. I’m not going to sit out and wait through holidays and injuries. The who doesn’t matter to me now. I’ll go for a dinner and toast with Lorenzo and Dana. I’ll show Junior my fight on the tele to see what he thinks of it.

‘The BMF belt is not a great belt but I’d still take it from Jorge Masvidal. Let’s go Nathan Diaz, No 3, it’s always here. I think Donald is just as big as Jorge. Your man Usman is not the biggest either.

‘If there is a stadium show for me in Europe then bring that mother f***** to Ireland. I’d love to compete in my hometown, how amazing would that be?’ he concluded.

McGregor posed with his team after his stunning return against Cerrone at T-Mobile Arena

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