Judy Murray plans for new tennis complex to build on Andy and Jamie’s British success

“There was 10 years to really grab hold of the sport and create a plan, in those years between 2006 and 2016, with everything that Jamie and Andy won at the top of the game, for Britain to have contenders in all of the Slam singles and doubles, and to win the Davis Cup, and Wimbledon titles.

“Everybody was talking about tennis, we had tennis on in the pubs on a Saturday night!

“We have the same population as France and they have 10 times as many players, and 10 times as many clubs, as we do.

“They have a culture of tennis over there and their track record in the game speaks for itself.

“I think with all the experience that I have had, my gut tells me that the most important thing is to grow the base and you will get more out at the top.”

The LTA will start its new performance strategy later on this year.

Performance director Simon Timson is confident they have the foundations in place to build on the Murray brothers’ success.

“We are opening two new national academies at Loughborough and Sterling this September,” Timson said.

“They will be the equivalent of a tennis university for our highest potential teenagers.

“Everything under one roof, a first-class education, cutting edge science and medicine, the best doctors, the best strength and conditioning coaches, great fitness programmes to give players everything they need to help them take successful first steps on the pro tour.”

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