Nick Kyrgios, surely this trolling message is a joke?

Nick Kyrgios has left fans staggered after trolling a photo of Novak Djokovic and Federico Coria following their match at the ATP Tour tournament in Belgrade this week.

It is a doozy.

The Aussie star took a shot at the Argentinian after he was blown off the court by the world No. 1 in just 56 minutes.

Coria’s starstruck response after losing 6-1 6-0 in the French Open lead up event certainly raised eyebrows — and the sight of him asking the Serbian star for a selfie when meeting at the net didn’t sit right with the Aussie star.

Kyrgios took to Instagram to respond to the photo of Coria smiling with Djokovic after his swift defeat with a very unimpressed comment.

“So you are taking a photo after he has literally burnt you off the court,” he wrote.

“Very very strange mentality to have. Joker one of the best for sure, cmon g losing a set 6-0 then asking for a photo? That ain’t it.”

Federico Coria and Novak Djokovic.Source:Twitter

He also posted: “This guy is a ‘professional’”.


Pot. Kettle. Black.

Kyrgios’ comment came as he is again skipping the French Open, having repeatedly stated he just doesn’t like playing on clay and didn’t want to travel overseas in the middle of the pandemic.

Kyrgios has become an increasingly popular figure in Australian sport following his outspoken comments on taking precautions to avoid the spread of COVID-19 and for calling out the so-called entitled luxury some players complained about during their hotel quarantine spells ahead of the Australian Open.

But this quip at Coria is surely a joke of the highest order.

The 26-year-old has announced he is returning to the ATP Tour for the Mallorca Championships, beginning June 20, as the start of his grass court season campaign before Wimbledon. He hasn’t played since the Australian Open in February.

The wildest ride in tennis.Source:News Corp Australia

It’s one of several reasons fans across the tennis world have chortled at Kyrgios’ public dig at Coria.

The comment about Coria’s “professionalism” is particularly getting some interest from fans.

This is the same Nick Kyrgios who has repeatedly admitted he is “not professional” enough to become a grand slam champion.

He said several years ago he had “probably” tanked eight matches.

After his exit at Wimbledon in 2019 he stated: “I’m not the most professional guy. I won’t train day in, day out. I won’t show up every day.

“I’ve had a lot of fun. I know that I can bring a level. I haven’t put in enough hours. I probably haven’t trained enough. I don’t have a coach. I haven’t been doing enough gym.”

It’s the same Nick Kyrgios who got into a war of words with Djokovic this summer. Djokovic’s response was: “Off the court I don’t have much respect for him to be honest”.

Fine line between madness and genius.Source:News Corp Australia

The same Nick Kyrgios who was labelled bad for the sport by Rafael Nadal’s coach and uncle Toni.

The same Nick Kyrgios who has always been one of the most engrossing figures in sport with the flare to thrill and the reckless approach to crash and burn.

The same Nick Kyrgios that lives by the sword and dies by the sword with his tweener showmanship.

The same Nick Kyrgios that pulled out a Pepsi in the middle of a match at the Aussie Open this year — he actually won that match.

The rollercoaster continues.

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Coria meanwhile explained his actions with Djokovic when speaking with reporters after the match.

“I hugged him, I told him ‘I love you’ and I thanked him for all what he did for tennis. I was like a kid who meets his idol.”

Even before they stepped onto court together, Coria said it was a “dream” to play Djokovic.

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