Kyrgios brother hits back after Dave Hughes’ $20k backhand

Nick Kyrgios’ brother Christos has taken to social media to hit back at Dave Hughes and his breakfast radio team.

The eldest brother in the Kyrgios clan was clearly ruffled by a claim on Hughes’ 2Day FM Morning Crew that he demanded $20k to hold an interview on the show.

While the reported claim left Hughes openly laughing at the 32-year-old, Christos returned fire on Wednesday with a post on Instagram.

The interview request came after Kyrgios appeared to bark towards’ Christos’ partner and Instagram sensation Alicia Gowans in the middle of his first round win on Monday night.

“Tell your girlfriend to get out of my box,” he was heard saying.

Asked about the outburst in a press conference after his 6-4 6-4 6-4 win, Kyrgios said he got carried away in the moment, but denied he was speaking about Gowans.

After 2Day FM chose to share the behind the scenes negotiations with Christos on live radio, he got to have his say on Wednesday when he took aim at “s*** talkers”.

Christos Kyrgios and Alicia Gowans. Photo: Instagram, Christos Kyrgios, @xkyrgios.Source:Instagram

“Another day in Melbourne with my lady. And what can I say? It’s been a blast so far,” he captioned a photo of himself and Gowans side by side.

“You see the thing is, s**t talkers are always going to talk s**t from the sidelines. Because they don’t know what it’s like to be in the heat of the battle.

“But at the end of the day, strong people have an even stronger sense of self worth … they don’t need approval from others.

“Remember your value is never based on the opinion of cheap people.”

Hughes’ co-host Erin Molan claimed on the show she and Hughes were both prepared to kick-in $500 each to secure the interview before being told their offer was not enough to entice Christos back onto the wireless.

Christos Kyrgios, Alicia Gowans, Nick Kyrgios, Norlaila and George Kyrgios at the John Newcombe Medal. Picture: Julie KiriacoudisSource:News Corp Australia

“We can buy adds for that. He’d want to be entertaining,” Hughes said with a laugh of the $20k demand.

“He’d have to do the whole hour. No deal. And let’s hope we still get our headline.”

The claims about Christos’ interview price tag was made by a producer on the morning radio show.

“So I messaged him guys, and he says he wants money,” producer Violet said on the live broadcast.

“That’s fair. First I offered $100. I wanted to give him a voucher.

“After I told him $500 he said, ‘I don’t think I’m in the budget’. He told me to move on. And then I said, we really want you to come on, can you give me a number? He’s come back with $20,000”.

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