Women’s Euro 2022 prize money breakdown as England face Germany in final

The Lionesses are through to the Women's Euros final, having beaten Sweden 4-0 at Bramall Lane on Tuesday night (July 26).

England will face Germany after they beat France 2-1 on Wednesday (July 27) to keep their hopes of lifting the trophy alive.

England's women's team have the home advantage against their counter-parts Germany, as they take on their opponents at Wembley in front of a huge crowd.

The number of supporters could break the record for an attendance at an England Women's football match, an incredible achievement for women's football to round off a historical tournament.

But apart from a trophy and etching their name into history, what do the winners of the Women's Euros actually win? Is there prize money and who get's it?

What is the prize for the Women's Euros 2022?

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Along with a medal each, lifting the cup with your teammates, celebrating wildly and becoming national heroes, the Lionesses would also win a large chunk of the prize money.

The total amount of money available to teams in 2022 is a whopping £13.7 million.

The winnings this year is double the amount that was on offer last time the Netherlands won the competition back in 2017.

The increase is a testament to the growth in popularity of the women's game and just recognition for the hard work put in by players, coaches, sponsors..

Two decisions were made by footballing body UEFA to increase the winnings.

It said: "Separating the commercial arrangements for its men's and women's competitions, and increased overall UEFA investment in the competition."

They also announced group games prize money, saying it would see more competition in all matches: "For any given match in the group stage, the new model gives teams an additional sporting and financial incentive, raising the levels of competition and entertainment."

What is the breakdown of the prize money?

The reward does not all go to the winners of the competition. Instead, it is a shared between all nations taking part.

Here is the breakdown:

All countries in the Women's Euros 2022 are guaranteed €600,000 (£520k).

Thereafter, more money is available depending on how successful you are in the tournament.

Every group stage win saw teams take home: €100,000 (£84k)

A draw in the group stage pocketed: €50,000 (£42.5k)

Reaching the quarter-finals saw teams net: €205,000 (£172k)

Making the semi-finals: €320,000 (£269k)

The runners up: €420,000 (£354k)

And the crowned champions receive: €660,000 (£555k)

If our Lionesses to succeed at Wembley and go onto give England their first taste of international glory since 1966 and the first ever win for the Women's team, they would receive a total of €2,085,000 (£1.8m).

This is the maximum prize money, having won every game played so far.

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