Women bemused by Haaland's 'bizarre' International Women's Day gesture

‘Who runs his account?!’: Women are left bemused by Man City striker Erling Haaland’s ‘bizarre’ official International Women’s Day crossword puzzle… that’s actually a wordsearch – but can you guess the message?

  • Erling Haaland’s International Women’s Day post has been questioned by women
  • The Manchester City striker put up a ‘bizarre’ crossword puzzle on his Instagram 
  • It was in fact a wordsearch – can you find the message the Norwegian is offering?

Erling Haaland’s ‘bizarre’ social media post for International Women’s Day has been questioned by women.

Wednesday is the annual global holiday for women, raising awareness of issues like gender equality, violence and abuse against women, and reproductive rights.

And Manchester City striker Haaland, the top scorer in the Premier League this season, celebrated the day by posting a crossword puzzle on his official Instagram account.

He wrote: ‘This is for all my female fans on this special day! Here’s my message to each one of you. Can you find it in this crossword puzzle? Will post it on stories later today! #internationalwomensday,’ with a rose, crossed-fingers and love-heart emoji.

And women quickly took to social media to react to the peculiar ‘crossword’ – which is actually a wordsearch.

Manchester City striker Erling Haaland’s bizarre social media post for International Women’s Day, a ‘crossword puzzle’ that is actually a wordsearch, has been widely mocked by women

Women quickly took to social media (pictured above) to question Haaland’s celebratory post

One said: ‘What makes it even better is that isn’t a crossword puzzle.’

A second added: ‘Babe, are you feeling okay? You didn’t even finish your Official Erling Haaland International Women’s Day Crossword puzzle…’.

Another mocked the difficult-to-find message, posting: ‘Out much call make world – aww thanks,’ followed by a love-heart and pleased emoji.

One asked: ‘Who runs Haaland’s social media account?’

While a fifth joked: ‘We already work at a lesser rate than men. DON’T MAKE US DO MORE WORK.’

Another concluded: ‘This “Thank you female fans, as a gift here’s a crossword puzzle” from Erling Haaland is up there on the annual ranking of Most Bizarre Posts by Male Athletes on International Women’s Day.’ 

Did you guess the message? 

It was: You all make the world a better place’. 

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