Tottenham fans react to news Nagelsmann will not be next manager

‘You can probably count on one hand the managers who actually want to manage this dead club’: Tottenham fans hit out at the club’s board for their ‘lack of ambition’ after deciding NOT to appoint Julian Nagelsmann as their next manager

  • Julian Nagelsmann will not be the club’s next manager after much speculation 
  • The club do not view the German as the ideal candidate for this moment in time
  • Fans reacted with mixed feeling as another chaotic summer beckons for the club

Tottenham supporters have reacted with incredulity on social media after it emerged the club would not be appointing Julian Nagelsmann this summer. 

The club have been heavily linked with the 35-year-old since he was sacked by Bayern Munich at the end of March, just days after Tottenham themselves parted company with Antonio Conte. 

Viewed by many within the fanbase as the young, dynamic manager needed to rebuild the club both on and off the pitch, Nagelsmann had long been seen as the natural first choice.

However, on Friday night Mail Sport reported that the club were exploring other candidates with Nagelsmann not said to be viewed as the ideal option at this stage.

Just two years on from a summer of chaos in which they eventually landed on sixth or seventh choice Nuno Espirito Santo, Tottenham fans have been left fearing the club faces a similar fate this summer with their next head coach no clearer.

Tottenham Hotspur have no plans to appoint Julian Nagelsmann as their new manager

Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy is set to look for alternatives to Nagelsmann

Arne Slot (left), Roberto De Zerbi (centre) and Luis Enrique (right) are alternative options

Reacting on social media, one supporter speculated that one could count on a singular hand the number of managers who would want to ‘manage this dead club’.

‘According to the permanently deluded, this board of ours are doing such a good job even though you can probably count on one hand the managers who actually want to manage this dead club,’ they wrote.

Another added: ‘Can’t this club get anything right! FFS! Overlook Poch (Mauricio Pochettino), now can’t (or won’t) get Nagelsmann. Be prepared for the same players, same results next year.’

One other supporter speculated regarding the circumstances that might have led to Nagelsmann, or the club, pulling out altogether.

‘Means 1 of 3 things to me,’ they wrote, ‘1. He said no to us & we are trying to make it seem different. 2. He’s been told Kane is being sold (unlikely) and said he won’t take job. 3. Levy doesn’t want to pay Bayern & a huge wage to Nagelsmann.’

It is unclear whether or not any club who hires Nagelsmann this summer will have to pay Bayern Munich a fee for his services.

Perhaps being slightly facetious, another supporter suggested Daniel Levy, the club’s chairman and the man overseeing the hiring of the club’s next manager, would be ‘livid’ owing to this time of year being season ticket renewal time. 

‘Levy will be livid about this. Second time in three years we won’t have a manager over the season ticket renewal deadline,’ they wrote. 

Others made reference to the club reportedly overlooking Pochettino, who is bound for Chelsea, in favour of Nagelsmann, only to land neither.

‘So so good for those fans who rejected Poch because Nagelsmann was available,’ they wrote. ‘I will still pray for you guys.’

Significant question marks hang over almost every area of Tottenham at the moment, from the hierarchy all the way down to the playing squad.

Following Fabio Paratici’s 30-month worldwide football ban, the club no longer has a director of football, while Harry Kane’s future remains very much up in the air.

‘Being a Spurs supporter is the hardest thing you can do in life,’ one fan wrote in response to the news.

‘Imagine not even considering Nagelsmann,’ another wrote. ‘This isn’t about who we actually end up with, but not even entertaining serious conversations with a top quality manager who is available.’

‘So now no Nagelsmann probably the best available in world football so Levy and Tottenham don’t want him,’ they wrote. ‘Another joke process looking for a manager. I’m sick of this bloody club and their lack of ambition.’

Other supporters chose to mock Tottenham for the way in which the club framed the messaging, with many suggesting it had instead been Nagelsmann that had prevented the talks from happening.

‘What’s all this rubbish about Tottenham not having any interest in Nagelsmann. He’s the one who said no to Levy,’ one wrote. ‘Nagelsmann said NO to Spurs because the whole situation is a mess and Levy won’t relinquish control.’

Another echoed their feeling, writing: ‘Last two managerial searches the club’s PR worked overtime to tell us we were desperate for Nagelsmann & Pochettino. Neither were available either time. Now both are available & we don’t want either? It is what it is.’

Pondering where the club might go from here, other supporters speculated that current interim Ryan Mason might be considered for the job.

‘If Mason finishes the season well the job will be his,’ they wrote.

‘It’s Brendan Rodgers ain’t it?? I’d rather keep Mason,’ another wrote.

However, the feeling towards the club was not all bad. Some supporters appeared happy that Nagelsmann would not be their next manager.

One wrote: ‘Great news for me. I didn’t want Spurs to go anywhere near him.’

Another added: ‘Don’t mind that tbh. He wouldn’t be around for the long haul. He would have jumped ship if bigger clubs come calling.’

Tiago Pinto (L) and Markus Krosche (R) are contenders to be Tottenham’s sporting director

Arne Slot, Roberto De Zerbi and Luis Enrique are among the alternatives.

Meanwhile, having appointed Scott Munn to the position as chief football officer, Daniel Levy also wants a new sporting director in place ahead of the summer transfer window.

Johannes Spors and Brentford’s Lee Dykes are among the names currently under consideration for the role. But Tiago Pinto and Markus Krosche are also emerging as candidates for the vacancy. Pinto is currently general manager at Roma, where he works closely alongside former Tottenham boss Jose Mourinho.

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