Real Madrid, Barca and Juve could be THROWN OUT of CL, says Ceferin

Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus face being THROWN OUT of the Champions League, UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin threatens, as they wait to act once a Madrid court appeal for the Super League trio is dealt with

  • Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus were the figureheads of the Super League
  • The three European giants have not formally withdrawn from the competition 
  • A Madrid court has authorised UEFA to sanction the three clubs involved 
  • And UEFA chief Aleksander Ceferin said ‘it is possible to punish any club’ 

UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin has revealed Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus could be excluded from the Champions League as the three European giants continue to persevere with a Super League. 

Following the failed launch of the European Super League last year, the two LaLiga clubs and Serie A side pursued with the concept, not formally withdrawing from the proposal as the figureheads of the idea. 

With a Madrid court having authorised UEFA to sanction the three clubs who still want to launch a breakaway competition, Ceferin insists the governing body will act – once the appeal process is dealt with. 

UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin has revealed Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus could be excluded from the Champions League

Madrid (chief Florentio Perez, L), Juve (chief Andrea Agnell, R) and Barca are all architects of the breakaway competition and are yet to formally withdraw 

Real Madrid are in the Champions League final this year as they chase a 14th European title 

Speaking in an interview with French outlet L’Equipe, Ceferin said of the situation: ‘First, the decision can always be appealed. When the process is over, we can act…

‘It is possible to punish any club… Some doubt it. They are wrong. The rules are the same for everyone.

‘And if I commented on what people say every day. They also complain that UEFA earns billions, while 93.5 per cent of the income goes to the clubs. How do you explain this if no one is listening? 

‘Believe me or not, but all clubs are treated the same, whether they are from Slovenia, my country, or whether they are big names in European football.’

Juve, who were knocked out at the last-16 of this year’s Champions League, are the third club involved

Barca (pic, president Joan Laporta) could be excluded from European competition by UEFA

When directly asked if UEFA could exclude Real, Barca and Juve from UEFA competition, Ceferin said: ‘Of course it is possible. But it is the [decision of the] UEFA Disciplinary Committee, which is independent.’

In the same interview, Ceferin also admitted that UEFA’s original concept of awarding two extra places in the Champions League from 2024 onwards to teams with higher co-efficients was an error of judgement. 

It comes after a rethink which will see two extra spots awarded to nations who collectively performed best in Europe. 

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