Psychic who ‘predicted 9/11 and Diana’s death’ backing England to win World Cup

A psychic who claims to have predicted 9/11 and Princess Diana’s death is backing England to win the World Cup.

Anthony Carr is expecting England to beat France on Saturday night and go all the way to the final. He believes the Three Lions will come up against Lionel Messi and Argentina, who will be beaten 2-0 by Gareth Southgate’s men.

He is known for allegedly predicting a number of world events, from Princess Diana’s death in 1997 to a German pope being elected. And the 79-year-old Canadian now claims to have seen Argentina vs England in a vision of the Falklands War – a battle in 1982 which saw the two countries battle for the South Atlantic Ocean islands.

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Mr Carr said: "I'm not a big fan of soccer, but when my young friend and manager Justin was telling me a bit about what was going on in the World Cup. That's when I had a flash of the Falklands War in 1982.

"Something in that flash felt very familiar to me that England and Argentina would be fighting again, but this time on the playing field.

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"Once again, with England being victorious as I had predicted they would be in the Falklands War to my newspaper, The Toronto Sun. Never have I felt so strongly about something since my 9/11 prediction."

The clairvoyant has been dubbed a “modern day Nostradamus” for his allegedly accurate soothsaying abilities. He claims he foresaw a "cataclysmic cosmic event" occurring nine months prior to 9/11.

Islamic extremists flew passenger planes into the Twin Towers in New York in September 2001. The attack resulted in 3,000 people dying and sparked the US-led invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Mr Carr claims he warned that people should “watch for a sign in the heavens” because what was coming would “shock the whole world" and "put the fear of God in us”.


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