Premier League 'will SCRAP fixtures between Boxing Day and New Year'

Premier League ‘will SCRAP fixtures between Boxing Day and New Year’ in a bid to end the chaotic festive feast of football that managers HATE, with the season restarting just a week after the World Cup final in Qatar this year

  • Boxing Day fixtures this year take place just eight days after World Cup final 
  • There are fears the World Cup could cause extra burnout for players involved
  • The Premier League is set to take action in Thursday’s released fixture lists 
  • It would mean there would be no game between Boxing Day and New Year’s Day 
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The Premier League will reportedly scrap fixtures between Boxing Day and New Year in a bid to prevent player burnout following the World Cup in Qatar.

As reported by the Telegraph, there have been concerns that the Boxing Day games come just eight days following the final of the World Cup.

Action is set to be taken in that games normally played on or around December 28, will be moved to benefit players who compete in Qatar. 

The World Cup in Qatar looks set to play an impact on the Premier League’s festive calendar

The Qatar World Cup gets underway on November 21 before the final is played on December 18

It’s expected that the Premier League will announce in their club fixture lists on Thursday, that the festive calendar will now only include games on Boxing Day, New Year’s Day and January 2. 

The English Football League will also move to ease potential burnouts, with its Christmas calendar also including only three matchdays on Boxing Day, December 29 and January 1. 

No impact is expected on the FA Cup, which is expected to continue with its first full weekend in January slot.

There is expected to be no Premier League games between Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve

Players are already expected to have a shorter summer due to the upcoming Premier League season opening on August 6, with the 2022 Community Shield between Manchester City and Liverpool to take place at the end of July.

England and other international players have only just been released for their summer breaks after a busy schedule in which Gareth Southgate’s squad played four games.

Pre-season friendlies begin in less than a month’s time, with the start of the new season kicking off a busy campaign.

The Premier League will run until round 16 over November 12-13 before the World Cup in Qatar gets underway. 

Premier League managers have previously expressed concern over their hectic festive schedules, with Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp the most notable to express his hatred of having to play on Boxing Day and December 28.

He told reporters at the time: ‘Players’ welfare is important but we’re used to a tough schedule.

It is a move aimed at attempting to prevent player burnout following the World Cup

The December 28 fixture is one some managers don’t like including Liverpool’s Jurgen Klopp

‘December will always be crazy. Everything is fine until you reach Christmas. 26/28th is still not right to play. 

‘We accept that, we play, it’s tradition but it’s really tough. January is not better and the more successful we are in cups, it’s the same. So it is a difficult two months ahead.’

Players’ unions and Southgate have also warned that the coming months could end up being the most arduous seasons for teams on record.

Southgate revealed that he asked the Premier League to avoid staging any ‘Super Sunday’ style clashes between so-called big six clubs on that weekend before Doha.

He said: ‘I think it’s manageable but the demands on the players are huge, and I think we are all conscious that we can’t keep adding to the calendar.’

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