Nottingham FA branded "incompetent" as Women’s Committee vice-chair investigated

A Football Association appeal panel has branded the conduct of the Nottingham FA as "incompetent" in a damning report into allegations the CEO was involved in a cover up.

Elaine Oram, chief executive of the Nottinghamshire FA, is being investigated by the FA for her role in an assault charge case against football coach Anthony Spencer.

Spencer has denied the charge and is due to be heard in court later this year.

Oram, who is one of the one of the highest-ranked female officials in the organisation, has been accused by the FA of failing to intervene to stop her head of discipline at the Notts FA, Ezekiel Teya, from continuing to mislead an FA appeal panel over a period of several months and at a hearing earlier this month.

Spencer, who is a Nottingham-based football coach, was charged in September following an altercation with some youths and given until October 1 to respond.

But it emerged the Notts FA heard his case in September – before Spencer had the chance to respond – and then lied about when it had taken place.

Spencer has had his three-year ban overturned and an official report into the findings of the case has criticised both Oram and Teya, as well as the Notts FA.

The report slams the role of Oram's organisation in the scandal and admits she was complicit in failing to declare the truth.

It said: "The Appeal Board formally request that this matter be fully investigated by the Football Association, due to the wholly unacceptable behaviour and conduct of Nottinghamshire County FA.

"Ms Oram has been aware of the falsified date submission by Mr Teya for several weeks, but has made no effort to obtain any independent corroboration of what Mr Spencer was apparently telling her and still supports Mr Teya fully.

"There are a number of deeply unimpressive administrative matters. In short, Notts FA's conduct has been, on the face of it, inefficient, if not incompetent, and tainted by the misleading and unhelpful evidence from Mr Teya who remains supported by Ms Oram as Chief Executive of Notts FA – and this concerned the Board in regards to possible wider regulatory issues."

Oram, who has denied any wrongdoing, is now awaiting the outcome of the FA investigation into her conduct.

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