Frankfurt fans’ pre-match display branded "bonkers" ahead of West Ham game

Football fans have been left in awe of Eintracht Frankfurt's pre-match display against West Ham on Thursday evening.

The German side were in high spirits after a smash and grab display at the London Stadium put one foot in the Europa League final. And they were right behind their team at the Deutsche Bank Park with an incredible pyro display.

As the two sides entered the cauldron, flares were set off and flags waved in an incredible scene behind the goal West Ham started attacking. However, it didn't stop there, and the crowd were on the back of West Ham players whenever they touched the ball.

One fan tweeted: "Gotta be one of the best tifos ever!"

"This is an atmosphere. British Football has been so sanitised this is frowned upon but in Europe is perfectly acceptable," added another. A third tweeted: "Look at that display. In England, you can’t take a Coca Cola bottle into the ground with a lid on it."

And one Hammers fan triumphantly replied: "Yeah, but do they have a bubble machine?! Didn't think so."

Is this the best tifo in Europa League history? Let us know in the comments section

Frankfurt fans have been the 12th man for their side during the Europa League campaign.

The Germans took over the Camp Nou, causing Barcelona to launch an investigation into how so many Frankfurt fans ended up in the home end.

And more pulled the same trick at the London Stadium during the first leg.

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