Burnley vs Fulham clash in doubt as Scott Parker provides update

Scott Parker has admitted he doesn't know if Sunday's Premier League clash with Burnley will go ahead after a coronavirus outbreak at Fulham.

Wednesday's London derby with Tottenham was called off with only three hours notice.

Fulham have returned to training despite the six players understood to have tested positive being forced to self-isolate.

All players and staff have been re-tested today and results should be available in the morning.

Fulham are planning to travel up to Burnley for the Sunday lunchtime kickoff after training tomorrow.

But Parker said: “We have players who have tested positive and are now in isolation.

"I don't want to get into the real specifics of it but we have had a number of positive tests.

"I don't know if the Burnley game is going to get played or not – I am not sure. We have had re-testing in the last few days.

"We are preparing the best we can to go up to Burnley and really put in a performance to try and get some points.

"We will wait for the last round of testing. For me the main focus is to prepare the team the best I can to get a result.”

Spurs boss Jose Mourinho was furious when their London derby was only cancelled in mid-afternoon on Wednesday before a scheduled 6pm kickoff.

But Parker laid the blame with the Premier League.

“I have not spoken to Jose but we were in exactly the same position as Tottenham,” he said.

“We were in a hotel. We didn't know until late on as well. We were sitting 20 minutes away from the stadium obviously ready for our pre-match.

"The place to where that information went to went on Tuesday and that information did not change till Wednesday. There was no new information on Wednesday so the information was there on Tuesday.

"For whatever reason, it didn't get called off until 2.30 or 3 'clock. I was in exactly the same position and I understand Jose's frustration. I was the same.”

Parker added: “Are our protocols strong enough? I don't know. There is a new strain. I don't know if the protocols are strong enough for this new strain which seems to be more contagious and spreading more quickly.

"I am sure that is something that the people in the right places are ob looking into. I think there are a number of factors for me. The wellbeing and safety of the players, their families and the places were are going into, whether that is hotels, travel or opposition teams

“And also the integrity of the game as well. They say 14 players is the cut-off line for a team to have. I am not sure it is right that you go with a 14 players with a three-man bench.

"I am not sure that we want that really in terms of the competition, in terms of the game and the league we all want really.”

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