Ben Foster “snaffed” shirt of ex-Chelsea and Real ace from team-mate’s locker

Departing Watford star Ben Foster revealed that he ‘snaffed’ and kept a Gonzalo Higuain match-worn Chelsea shirt he found in the bottom of former Hornets' teammate Roberto Pereyra’s locker.

Ironically, the former Real Madrid and AC Milan ace's stint in west London was so forgettable, the shirt may one day be used as evidence to confirm the Argentine did once play for the Blues. Then Chelsea manager Maurizio Sarri signed Higuain, two years after he smashed home 36 goals in 35 Serie A appearances while playing under the Italian at Napoli.

Unfortunately, he could only muster five goals in 18 Premier League appearances at the Blues, as Olivier Giroud and an out of position Eden Hazard were often preferred up-front. And he evidently did not do too much to remain in Pereyra’s thoughts, as the former Watford midfielder, to Foster’s delight, forgot to take Higuain’s shirt with him at the end of the Premier League campaign.

“A couple of years ago we left for the end of the season,” Foster said on the ‘Fozcast’ podcast. “One of the lads cleared his locker out but left the shirt at the bottom of the locker – it was Gonzalo Higuain’s shirt.

“Roberto Pereyra, he left the Higuain shirt just sort of sat in the thing. I’m walking out of the changing room thinking, ‘well he’s left already, he’s gone to Spain’, and I’m thinking, ‘I am taking that then one-hundred per cent’.

“He left a match worn Gonzalo Higuain shirt just chilling in his locker – I was sniffing that right up.” Higuain’s shirt remains in the possession of the former Manchester United and Watford goalkeeper to this day.

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Ironically, Foster has likely cleared out his own locker, as he recently announced his imminent departure from Watford on a free transfer. However, there will not be any match-worn shirts for his ex-team mates to find upon his exit.

“Full of absolute crap mate,” Foster added when asked what he personally keeps in his locker. “I’ve got clothes hanging up, I’ve probably got about two or three t-shirts in there and a normal jumper.

“In the middle of it I’ll have all my stuff I’ll have when I’m getting on the bike, so I’ll have my rougher big shorts, my head unit if I am doing a bike session, my towel. And at the bottom I’ve just got crap like old pairs of gloves and stuff you would just accumulate.”

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