Arsenal fans reckon its ‘Agent Hamilton’ as F1 legend joins Chelsea takeover bid

Arsenal may have stunned Chelsea during a 4-2 win on Wednesday night, but it's the Gunners that are feeling shocked on Thursday as news has emerged that Lewis Hamilton is interested in taking over the Blues.

According to Sky News, both the F1 star and tennis icon Serena Williams are set to invest alongside Sir Martin Broughton, who is one of three remaining bidders left in the race to buy Chelsea. The club are still operating under a special licence to operate as a football club despite the sanctions placed on current owner Roman Abramovich.

And now Hamilton and Williams are the latest names to throw their hat in the ring, but many fans are confused as the F1 star is a bug Arsenal fan. Due to his loyalties with the Gunners, some Arsenal fans are suggesting that 'Agent Hamilton' could be underway if his involvement is successful.

It's not a well-kept secret that Arsenal and Chelsea aren't the best of pals, as the two London sides are involved in a fierce rivalry which shows no sign of fading anytime soon. And it's because of this that some Arsenal fans are speculating that Hamilton could potentially be trying to sabotage Chelsea, as they joke online.

Following the news, one fan wrote: "Agent Hamilton, destroying Chelsea from within." While another added: "Isn’t Lewis Hamilton an Arsenal fan? Agent Hamilton to tear the club down from the inside."

Hamilton is that much of a fan, that he even has the club's initial's tattooed on his left ring finger, albeit it among a flurry of other inked art. And he has previously opened up about his love for the club when he was quizzed by Sky Sports.

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The F1 star said: "I grew to love the team with Ian Wright, obviously at the time. I wasn’t bad at football when I was a kid, mainly because I was so energetic. I played centre midfield and I would do the work with attack and defence so I was running twice the amount of yardage."

And Hamilton even wished Arsenal a successful season in 2020, as he added: "I am hoping for the strongest season for sure, for the team who work so hard. I think we have a strong team, I am really hopeful of some good successes from them.

"I have been watching Arsenal play for a long time, being with them through the highs and lows. If I can’t keep up with the game, then my best friend will call me every day, to give me all the updates."

He may be asking for Chelsea updates too if the bid is successful, which has certainty caught a lot of fans off guard. And a potential deal could add an extra edge to the London rivalry.

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