Alan Shearer keeps rejecting hair transplant offers as he loves his bald bonce

Alan Shearer gets offered hair transplants – but he keeps turning them down.

The Match of the Day pundit, 51, said he prefers being bald. He was asked by co-host Gary Lineker on their BBC podcast: “Why don’t you do the transplant thing or at least get a little syrup? It would be brilliant. “They’d give you a freebie if you posted it on Instagram, 100%.”

But Alan, the Premier League’s record goalscorer, gave the idea the red card. He replied: “I couldn’t do that. Can you imagine if I came in one day with a full head of hair?

“I have been offered it a couple of times. It’s so much easier guys getting up and not even looking at your barnet in the morning, like you two.”

The two ex-footie players were joined by pal Micah Richards, who kicked off the conversation talking about Spurs boss Antonio Conte.

He said: “Can we talk about his barnet? It’s got to be a transplant.”

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Alan claimed the “purple rinse” will run from the Italian’s face inside the next three years. But Gary joked in response that he colours his own bonce.

He laughed: “I’ve dyed my hair for years. I just put the silver because I thought I looked too young otherwise.”

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