Max Verstappen defends Lando Norris as he’s left looking like "a bit of a d***"

Max Verstappen has slammed Drive to Survive for making Lando Norris ‘look like a d***’ in the latest season.

Drive to Survive is a behind the scenes documentary series that captures the Formula One season by following team, drivers and story lines.

The Dutch racing star has previously refused to be interviewed in the documentary because he isn’t a fan of it and hasn’t hid his dislike for the show.

He has now come to the defence of his close friend Norris who he believes was incorrectly portrayed during the show.

“For me personally, what I didn’t like, and it isn’t even about me, it’s about Lando and Daniel, which I think are two great guys and are really nice, first of all, and it made it look like Lando was a bit of a d***, which he isn’t at all.” Verstappen said.

“I know Lando and I think many people that know Lando is that he’s a funny guy, a great guy. He has a great character and actually when you look at that episode you really think “who is this guy, what the hell is going on.

“I think when you are new to the sport, you have never seen a racing car or an F1 car in general, they don’t like him. But why should that be because he’s a great guy?

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“You just immediately get a wrong picture of a good person, and that is exactly what I think happened to me in the beginning, and then I think I am someone that when you ruin it from the start, you don’t fix it. That’s it; you ruined it.”

It’s now alleged that F1’s chief executive Stefano Domenicali has spoken to Netflix in an attempt to cut down on ‘fake rivalries and drama’.

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