Kylie Minogue forced to borrow someone else’s shoes on Monaco GP grid walk

The Monaco Grand Prix always attracts the rich and famous, and in a huge surprise, Kylie Minogue arrived at this year's event wearing someone else's trainers.

The Australian superstar has made a name for herself as one of the biggest artists on the planet. But when she's not recording hits in the studio or performing on stage, she's flying around the world following her favourite sports.

And F1 has always had a special place in her heart.

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Therefore, who better to grab an interview with her than Sky Sports' Martin Brundle?

In his illustrious career, the F1 icon has referred to Ozyy Osbourne as a 'fruit cake', grabbed hold of Jenson Button's nipples and asked Megan Thee Stallion to rap for him, only for her security to push him away.

Luckily, Minogue did a much better job of handling his banter.

Instantly noticing that something was out of the norm, he couldn't resist putting his journalistic intuition to the test, saying: "You're carrying a pair of shoes for some reason."

Kylie laughed: "Yeah, I came really unprepared, and I have someone else's trainers on. Kindly someone has loaned me their trainers. I've got to sort out this grid situation."

Would you let Kylie Minogue borrow your shoes? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Appreciating her powers of improvisation, Brundle told her that he was thrilled to see her on the grid before turning his attention to solving a huge mystery.

He asked: "You used to be a huge Jenson Button fan, but who do you cheer for now?" She replied: "I'm obviously going to be cheering Max Verstappen on today, but I'm here for all the excitement, the adrenaline; it's Monaco."

And while fans were keen to hear her takes on F1, Brundle knew he had to get an update on her career.

Minogue informed him: "I've just put a single out this week. It's my birthday today. It's been an incredibly exciting week, and to be here on my birthday with a new single out, it's wild."

Then in a shocking turn of events, Brundle had the audacity to decide he was done with the A-lister, saying: "Good to see you; I'm going to move on," before scurrying away to find his next interviewee.


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