How each F1 driver would look if they were a woman as Hamilton has sexy new look

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It has been 46 years since a women last competed in a Formula One race, when Lella Lombardi finished 12th at the 1976 Austrian Grand Prix.

But Daily Star Sport has now put the current crop of Formula One stars through a gender-swap app. This app has shown what the drivers competing in this year's championship would look like as women.

The results are mixed, with some drivers undergoing sexy transformations and others likely to avoid a mirror. Using FaceApp, all 20 of this year's drivers have been shown what they would look like as women, starting with seven-time champion Lewis Hamilton.

Lewis Hamilton

The seven-time champion has endured a difficult season, with the new regulations severely hampering his Mercedes team. But in brighter news for the Englishman, his transformation is certainly in the 'sexy' category.

Hamilton is given long black hair with a middle parting, with fuller lips and a more rounded face. He should be pleased with his gender swap, which also removes the beard that he has been growing.

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George Russell

Hamilton's team-mate this season George Russell's gender swap results in a photo the Englishman may be happy with. Russell is given brown hair down to his/her shoulders and fuller lips.

The face is still obviously that of Russell's though, with his eyebrows also made more feminine. Russell will be hoping to continue his good form at this weekend's Miami Grand Prix, having got to grips with his car quicker than Hamilton.

Carlos Sainz

Ferrari star Carlos Sainz is handed the biggest transformation yet by the gender swap feature. The Spaniard is given a full head of thick, wavy dark-brown hair that goes past his/her shoulders.

There is only a passing resemblance to Sainz, with his lips made much fuller and his hair being his most eye-catching feature. Sainz will be hoping for a solid weekend in Miami, having endured a season of frustration so far.

Charles Leclerc

Like his team-mate, Charles Leclerc looks unrecognisable when his face is put through the gender swap app. Leclerc is given wavy brown hair that extends past his shoulders, with the make-up also making him totally different.

His eyebrows are also given pointed ends to add feminity to his face, though his lips are smaller than his counterparts. Leclerc leads the championship heading into Miami, having amassed a 27 point lead over Max Verstappen.

Max Verstappen

Unlike Leclerc, Max Verstappen looks little different from his male form when his picture is put through the gender swapper. His hair is extended past his shoulders and made thinner, with a middle parting.

His lips are plumped up massively, with his eyes also made bigger to add to his female form. Verstappen is Leclerc's closest challenger in the standings, but has endured a disrupted weekend in Miami.

Sergio Perez

Red Bull star Sergio Perez is left totally transformed by his move through the gender swap feature. His jet-black hair is extended down to his shoulders and made wavier, especially at the bottom.

Perez's eyebrows are also made more feminine by being arched, with eyelashes over his eyes. The Mexican is currently third in the standings having notched two podium finishes so far this season.

Lando Norris

While Perez's transformation is near-total, Lando Norris looks almost identical as a woman. In fact, it is almost as if the Englishman has merely put a wig on, with little change in his facial features.

His female hair extends past his shoulders, though strangely appears to have hints of grey in it. The McLaren driver's eyebrows are made narrower, with his lips taking on a gloss-finish, as he looks to back up his excellent podium finish in Imola.

Daniel Ricciardo

Daniel Ricciardo's signature smile transfers through to his female face, though the Australian appears to be slimmer as a woman. His lips are plumped up as much as possible, with eyelashes extenuating his eyes.

The McLaren driver's eyebrows follow his team-mates in being made narrower, as they take on a feminine arch. Ricciardo has struggled to get to grips with his car this year and sits a lowly 11th.

Alex Albon

Alex Albon is not in the camp of drivers left totally transformed by the gender swap app. Instead, he follows close friend Norris is being made to look as if he has merely put on a wig over his head.

That hair goes past his shoulders, with his cheeks and lips made rounder and fuller respectively. Williams have sadly taken a step back since Albon replaced Russell, though he scored an excellent point in Australia.

Nicholas Latifi

Poor Nicholas Latifi has struggled to catch a break this season, with some branding him the worst driver on the grid. That extends to his unfortunate face swap, which is arguably the worst from the current crop of F1 stars.

Latifi's female hair goes down way past his shoulders, with his lips made fuller. Though his eyebrows are also arched, there is no disguising the fact that it is the Williams driver, who is currently bottom of the championship standings.

Fernando Alonso

The oldest driver on the grid is not given a pleasant look into the alternate universe in which he is a woman. Alonso is left unrecognisable by the gender swapper, though that is not necessarily a positive.

His hair is made much thicker, with his cheeks also plumped out alongside his lips. The female Alonso looks as if they could be a mother to some of the drivers on the grid, while the male version has only scored two points this season.

Esteban Ocon

In contrast to his team-mate at Alpine, Esteban Ocon may be left pleased by his transformation into a woman. The Frenchman's lips are made fuller and more pink, matching the livery of his team.

He is also given a rounder face, with his hair now extending past his shoulders. While it is a pleasant transformation. it is still clearly the Alpine star, who sits 18 points ahead of Alonso in the championship.

Valtteri Bottas

Finnish driver Valtteri Bottas has enjoyed a successful switch to Alfa Romeo from Mercedes this season. But perhaps unfortunately, his square jaw is left unchanged by the gender swap app.

His hair is changed to a darker blonde, with his eyebrows made narrow and given an arch. His lips are left relatively small in comparison to the other drivers, with Bottas enjoying his time at Alfa.

Zhou Guanyu

Formula One's first Chinese driver will be pleased by the transformation he is put through for the gender swap. Zhou's hair is extended down to shoulder length and is thinner than some of his fellow drivers.

The 22-year-old is given an angelic look, with his lips made red and given a slightly fuller look to them. The Alfa Romeo star has had a mixed debut season so far, but did score a point in his debut race.

Pierre Gasly

Pierre Gasly is one who retains an element of his male form when put through the gender swap. The Frenchman's hair is made much longer, with one half going over the front of his shoulder.

Gasly's face is changed slightly, with his lips made fuller and his eyebrows given more of an arched-look. He is clearly the number one driver at Alpha Tauri and has once again impressed for the Red Bull junior team this season.

Yuki Tsunoda

Yuki Tsunoda's transformation is similar to that of Zhou's, with the Alpha Tauri driver's young age clear. His hair is brought down past his shoulders and is made very thin and straight.

Tsunoda is also given somewhat of a pout, with a dark pink shade of lipstick and straight eyebrows. The Japanese driver had a mixed first season, but is currently ahead of Gasly in the standings.

Kevin Magnussen

Kevin Magnussen is barely recognisable after his headshot is put through the gender swap app. Arguably the only thing that stays the same is his blonde hair, though even this is brought down past his shoulders.

As for the face, the female Magnussen looks nothing like her male counterpart, with a rounder face and fuller lips. The Dane has returned to F1 in some style after taking a year out of the sport.

Mick Schumacher

There is an element of Mick Schumacher's gender swap that looks like his male form. His hair is made much bigger and put in the same style as Gasly, with one half going over the front of his shoulder.

His lips are made thinner, in addition to his eyebrows, which are narrow and arched. The son of legendary Ferrari driver Michael, Mick is still yet to score a point since making his debut for Haas last season.

Lance Stroll

Canadian Lance Stroll has not experienced an enjoyable season and that is reflected in his grumpy female form. Stroll is given thick black hair that goes over the front of and well past his shoulders.

The female Stroll looks very similar to the male version, with few differences between the two pictures. Stroll has picked up just one point for Aston Martin this season and is fourth bottom in the standings.

Sebastian Vettel

Unlike his Aston Martin team-mate, Sebastian Vettel carries few similarities through the gender swap. The female version of Vettel has thin, pink lips, as well as thin eyebrows. Vettel has enjoyed a slightly better season than his team-mate, but has still only collected four points.

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