F1 news LIVE: Lewis Hamilton a ‘pantomime dame’, Brundle sides with Horner, Ferrari fix

Mercedes: What’s gone wrong at the F1 and can they recover?

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Max Verstappen leads the drivers’ standings by 21 points as the Formula 1 World Championship heads to Montreal for round nine at the Canadian Grand Prix. Lewis Hamilton has been warned not to act like a “pantomime dame” after the Mercedes star complained of back pain at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

The former McLaren F1 star also appeared to take a swipe at Hamilton’s private life. Watson warned the seven-time champion needed to spend “less time in the air and more in the gym” to ensure his body was strong enough to handle the vibrations.

He warned Hamilton could be going through a “seven-year itch” as he praised George Russell for his strong start. Martin Brundle has sided with Christian Horner and claims the FIA should not intervene with porpoising issues,

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff appeared to call for changes to the regulations ahead of the race in Baku while Horner has warned against such a decision.

Instead, Brundle has stressed Mercedes could fix their issues by raising the car, as suggested by Lando Norris after the race. Meanwhile. Ferrari have confirmed they are working on a “short-term fix” to the mechanical failures that plagued the team in Baku for this weekend’s Canadian Grand Prix.

Posting on Twitter, the team also confirmed they were working on longer-term fixes to the issue for the rest of the season.


  • Lewis Hamilton is a ‘pantomime diva’07:27
  • Lewis Hamilton is a ‘pantomime diva’

    John Watson has warned Lewis Hamilton runs the risk of becoming a “pantomime dame”. 

    Hamilton moaned about severe back pain during the Azerbaijan Grand Prix weekend.

    However, Watson has claimed Hamilton should spend more time in s gym to make sure his body can handle the extra vibrations.

    He said: “Lewis needs to be careful not to act like a pantomime dame.

    “It is a very difficult car to drive but at 37 the bones are not as forgiving of an uncomfortable ride.”


    Brundle sides with Horner

    Martin Brundle has sided with Christian Horner over Mercedes porpoising row. 

    It appeared Toto Wolff was calling for the FIA to make rules changes to help drivers deal with the issues at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. 

    However, Brundle stressed many of the team’s wishes were for the FIA and F1 to not get involved.

    He said: “The teams that have got it sorted are clearly saying that’s Mercedes’ problem and it’s not Formula 1’s problem.


    Ferrari find ‘short-term fix’

    Ferrari have warned the team is working on a “short-term fix” for the Canadian Grand Prix after both drivers were forced to retire.

    Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz suffered mechanical failures in Baku which cost the Monegasque a shot of victory. 

    Ferrari said: “Charles’ engine arrives at the factory tomorrow, an initial assessment should be completed by the evening.

    “Hydraulic components from Carlos’ car have already been examined. A short-term fix is in place for Canada, while work is on-going on mid/long-term solutions.”

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