Paige Spiranac had to change name and delete social media over stalking hell

Golf star Paige Spiranac revealed she had to change her name and delete her social media after she was stalked. The American recalled her nightmare on the latest episode of her 'Playing a Round' podcast and explained why she now goes by the name Paige Renee on her social platforms.

The incident goes back to her college and university days and the stunner explained what she did to try and ensure she could not be found by a group of girls online. "I was very conflicted because I got the username Paige Renee because I was being stalked and harassed in college by these girls and so I had to delete my Instagram," she said.

"It was really bad, they were stalking me on campus." She still uses the Spiranac name when playing golf however, and explained that the extra attention from the group of girls concerned her relationship with a university employee.

"The strength trainer at the university – I would just be in there all the time,” she added. "I clearly had no interest in him but they thought I did. I think that's what it ended up being, who knows. Then I deleted that account and went by my middle name so they couldn't find me. I was really private and only posted golf videos because nobody could make fun of golf videos.

"Then when we started to grow I didn't know whether to use Paige Renee because I play golf as Paige Spiranac. It's just continued like that." The golf personality uses the name Paige Renee on Instagram and has amassed 3.3 million followers. Earlier this month, the 29-year-old hit back at online trolls who claim people don't follow her Instagram or other social media pages for hergolf tips .

Appearing on theFits with the Founder podcast,Paige – who has won several junior and college tournaments – decided to emphasise her golfing abilities. In response to the claim, she said: “That’s not true actually, because I get so many people coming up to me and they’re like, ‘you’ve changed my life with my bunker shots and my flop shots.

“I actually have a tonne of golf knowledge and experience, especially when it comes to golf instruction. They’re there because they like what I do and what I post and the information that I’m giving them.

“So I don’t really care why someone’s there, and why they’re following me, I’m glad that they are. But there are a good amount of people who actually listen to my golf instruction, and they’re better off for it.”

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