Logan Paul explains why he took Floyd Mayweather fight – and why he’ll win

Logan Paul will face one of boxing's most talented fighters next month, but he believes that his toughest opponent is going to be himself.

The YouTube star, who is 0-1 as a professional boxer, has a lot of haters in the sport, but he believes that he's the one who is hardest on himself.

There has been controversy over the contest, which is a mismatch in every sense of the word. Paul is 0-1 as a pro to Mayweather's 50-0, and there is a huge size and weight discrepancy.

Speaking on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah during the week, Paul said: "I'm battling myself in my whole boxing journey, I'm trying to achieve that next level within.

"I've always been my own worst enemy, I am constantly battling this [his own mind], the discipline of boxing pushing yourself both mentally and physically which has been a journey of mine for the past three years is really crafting a person that I love."

He also discussed his reasoning, aside from the expected multi-million pound payday, for taking the fight with Mayweather, adding: "People ask the question 'why would I fight Floyd Mayweather?' It's because my kids' kids will talk about this.

"Generations to come will talk about this moment in history and when I accepted this fight I understood the magnitude of what a special event this was.

"You don't turn down an opportunity to fight a specimen like Floyd Mayweather; the greatest fighter of our generation.

"My whole life has been overcoming challenges, exceeding expectations, surprising people and doing what 'could not be done' and this doesn't feel any different to me.

"I've never been intimidated by Floyd or anyone, so I think I stand a chance – you'd be lying if you said it was impossible, he's human, it's a fight and anything can happen.

"I'm 30 lbs heavier, half his age, a foot taller and I work my a** off so I don't know, anything could happen."

Paul will be without his brother Jake in his corner for the first time, after the controversial YouTube star caused a brawl involving Mayweather at the pre-fight press conference.

Jake, who recently signed a deal with Showtime in the United States which is home to Mayweather's boxing shows, was banned from the event by Mayweather Promotions for instigating violent scenes at the event.

The fight takes place on June 6 at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami and will be shown live by Sky Sports Box Office in the UK.

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