KSI wants baby with secret girlfriend after ‘realising his life was a lie’

KSI gave birth to the most in-demand energy drink on the planet, but next he wants a real child.

The rapper, whose friends call him JJ, has gone from YouTuber to boxer and chart-topper, but none of that made him truly happy and he wants to settle down.

KSI, who turns 30 in June, told me: "This might be a bit soppy but I would like to be a dad, I want to see how good of a dad I can be.

"I’d try to be that good role model and make sure I always tell them that nothing is ever easy, you have to work hard to get where you want.

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"He or she can talk to me about anything, relationships, sexuality, anything. I just want to be a dad, that would be really sick. That is a big goal for me."

I can reveal KSI has a secret new girlfriend and finding love has changed his priorities: "I thought I just needed lots of money, lots of fame, to look like I am living the best life ever, clubbing left, right and centre, eating the finest meals and looking like a boss.

"I thought that was it, I thought that was what made people happy. But when I got there I was like, ‘Oh wow that was all a lie’. I’ve learnt you have to look inwards and be internally rich.

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He details his struggles in new Prime Video documentary KSI: In Real Life, out on Thursday. But it wasn’t easy letting the cameras into his home

He revealed: "I haven’t watched it and I don’t want to but they are forcing me to at the premiere, it was weird for me to be as open as I was to one person behind the camera.

"And now to know it will be out in the world, and everyone will see that is weird."

To coincide with the documentary KSI is releasing new track Voices featuring American singer Oliver Tree this week.


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