Former Mike Tyson opponent delivers one-punch knockout while working as security

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A punter who was stirring up trouble at a London pub picked the wrong security buard to mess with after being knocked out in one punch by a former opponent of Mike Tyson.

Julius Francis, a 57-year-old former British champion boxer who fought Tyson in 2000, now works as a security guard at BOXPARK Wembley.

But after being out of the profession since 2007, Francis still packs a brutal punch after he was caught on a video wiping out a man yelling obscenities at venue staff.

In the clip, the troublemaker wearing a blue du-rag was heard shouting “f**k you!” and “I’ll f**k you up!” as he shoves multiple people.

Security guards try to nudge him away from a set of guardrails and appeared to be walking away.

But suddenly the rabble-rouser turns to raise his fists at Francis, he is met with a vicious right hook that knocked him clean out.

The viral video was shared on Twitter on June 13, by talkSPORT's boxing editor, Michael Benson, who wrote: "Former British heavyweight champion Julius Francis (who fought Mike Tyson) now working as security at BOXPARK Wembley and dealing with some trouble today…"

Sports Illustrated and DAZN boxing reporter Chris Mannix also added: "When your mouth writes a check…"

Other boxing fans went wild over the clip, as one user tweeted: "Everyone is a “tough guy” until they are not."

Another wrote: "Self defence he was about to attack him."

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A third wrote: "That was f**king beautiful. I woke up really p****d off this morning but that’s cheered me up no end. Looking forward to the day ahead now!"

A fourth wrote: "Beautiful…. Quietly moving down the rails all the while yer man was bouncing…. BOSH."

BOXPARK Wembley have been contacted by the Daily Star for a comment on the incident.

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