Elle Brooke gives big smooch to OnlyFans pal Ebanie Bridges after Misfits win

Elle Brooke gave Ebanie Bridges a huge smooch on the cheek after she knocked out Faith Ordway in the first round.

The OnlyFans star made her MisFits boxing debut on the undercard of KSI’s bout against Faze Temperrr. As is often the case with YouTube fights like this, very few really knew what to expect when Brooke stepped into the squared circle to face the TikTok star.

However, Brooke quickly dispatched Ordway in brutal fashion with a series of punches that left the American in a bloodied heap. And, just like all good victories, she sealed it by smooching her good friend and partner in crime Bridges.

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The IBF World Champion stepped into the ring to congratulate her good friend and OnlyFans pal. Brooke, who has been training with Bridges’ coach Mike Tibbs, hugged the Australian and kissed her on the cheek.

"I call her the Baby Bomber,” Bridges said, remarking on her own nickname ‘The Blonde Bomber’. "She just reminds me so much of me and you saw it in there tonight she came out like the Blonde Bomber.

"And she's only going to get better. That was her second fight." Brooke overcame AJ Bunker in her first ever fight in July, overcoming the former Love Island contestant via a 40-36 points decision.

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However, Brooke has already turned her attention to her long term rival Astrid Wett, who she would have fought in the summer, were it not for a late injury from her fellow OnlyFans ace.

"Astrid knows she's easy, she's tiny, if I did that to Faith who is seven pounds heavier than me, imagine what I am going to do to Astrid Wett,” Brooke yelled after the match. “You guys are lucky to see the best two influencer boxers fight in that ring tonight, me one and Faith two.

"She was getting tired, I definitely think [the stoppage] was the right call because she was turning her back. I was going to get the stoppage regardless but she still fought so bloody well, I've never bled like this before. Faith was such a great opponent and she put it on thick so hats off to her."

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