David Haye hit with new threat from John Fury over fight attendance

David Haye has been hit with a new threat from John Fury over attending his son's fight against Dillian Whyte.

Tyson Fury will put his WBC and Ring Magazine heavyweight titles on the line when he faces Whyte under the arch at Wembley Stadium tonight. Tyson's dad, John, has been heavily involved in the build up and almost sparked a brawl during the face-off at the press conference.

While 'Big John' is not a man many would want to get on the wrong side of, David Haye is seemingly on his hit list at the moment. Haye, who retired from the sport in 2018, has been a regular pundit on BT Sport in recent years, and has been involved in the channel's build-up to the mega fight.

But John Fury has issued a fresh warning to Haye, stating he's not allowed to attend his son's fight. Speaking in an interview on iFLTV, Fury said: ""He's not allowed to be there [at Tyson Fury vs Dillian Whyte]. If he is, they'll regret it.

"I'm gonna tell you now David, you've shot your mouth off once too far mate. If you're there, have your tin hat on pal, because you're gonna need it."

The pair do have history, with John previously claiming Haye would "have his crown jewels chopped off" in order for Dillian Whyte to win. He admitted it could bring "negative vibes" to the ring, which he wants to avoid.

Speaking last week, Fury told talkSPORT: “David Haye is not allowed to comment on that show. David Haye needs to take a back seat in the stands where nobody can see him.

“I’ve already made it quite clear to Frank Warren – he is not allowed to be commentating on my son’s fight, otherwise there will be a problem. That’s black and white, the nation can hear me. He’s a hater, I don’t want him near my family, that’s the bottom line. They know me, BT, and I will not be silent if he’s there.”

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Fury was then quizzed on whether he thought it would be difficult to get Haye removed from his commentary role. “No, it’s not difficult because he’s never got a prediction right," he added.

"He’s the worst pundit in the world and I’ll tell you why – his heart rules his head. Because he would have his crown jewels chopped off if Dillian Whyte could beat Tyson Fury. And I don’t want people, them negative vibes, around the ring. I’m sorry, but that’s the way it is.

“There’s a lot of good commentators out there, not one-sided, talk the truth, equal, sit on the fence, they watch the boxing and whatever’s happening, they comment the truth. Better people than him.

“He would say Santa Claus to beat Tyson Fury next Saturday night. He’s a hater, always has been and he’s jealous of Tyson because he’d love to be the man Tyson is and he can’t, and jealousy consumes him. It’s been proven and I don’t want him near the show.”

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