Alen Babic vows to inflict humiliating defeat on Filip Hrgovic after being branded slow and stupid by Croatian rival

Alen ‘The Savage’ Babic wants to inflict a humiliating loss on Filip Hrgovic and has declared that he is ready to resume his pursuit of a grudge fight against his Croatian rival.

Babic has been incensed by recent comments from Hrgovic, who described him as ‘slow and stupid’, which has fuelled the 30-year-old’s desire to make his return after shoulder surgery.

Hrgovic is set to face Michael Hunter in an IBF final eliminator, but Babic believes he will settle their bitter feud in the near future.


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“This has just brought back the fire in me,” Babic told Sky Sports. “People don’t understand the things that I want to do to this man.

“I’m from the streets, the doorman shifts and I know a little bit about respect. He’s just an ignorant kid. He’s beat nobody.


“It’s terrible that he’s in this place to fight for such a big fight. He’s not grateful, he’s ignorant.

“I want to fight, I’m ready and then I want to call out the cube-shaped, duck-faced idiot.

“I think that I’m a good man and I’m going to help everybody, I’m going to give you my heart, but if you hit it continuously, I just become ‘The Savage.’

“I want to embarrass him in front of all the crowds. In front of the UK crowd, in front of the Croatian crowd.

“The UK doesn’t even like him. More people know ‘The Savage’ than Hrgovic in the UK. I have a ‘Savage Army’ there, he has nothing.

“In Croatia, people don’t like him. He’s not as popular as he thinks.”

Babic has made a blistering start to his own career by blasting aside all six of his opponents by stoppage.

He dismissed Hrgovic’s assessment of his ring skills and stature, insisting that he will overwhelm the Olympic bronze medallist with his relentless aggression.

“Of course, it’s personal. Up until now, I just hated him,” said Babic.

“He is a Croatian and I still wish him the best in this fight with Hunter, but he’s just lousy.

“The way he looks, I just don’t like it. I want to smash it.

“It’s real. Give me whoever you want me to beat, to get to Hrgovic. ‘The Savage’ was made for him. ‘The Savage’ was a creation that was made to protect the weak and he abuses everyone around him. I will punish him.

“He says I’m small and slow in the ring. I’m 10 times the person he is. Ten times stronger. He’s a good boxer, but he’s not a good fighter.

“He’s building his name off my back in the UK, but I’m not going to allow it. I did it my own way.”

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