Paddy Pimblett vows to squat on opponent Jordan Leavitt at UFC London

Paddy Pimblett has vowed to "teabag" opponent Jordan Leavitt if he beats him at UFC London.

Trash talk has flown back and forth between the pair ahead of their clash in the Octagon on Saturday (July 23) at the O2 Arena. American Leavitt has embraced the villain role with Liverpudlian Pimblett on home turf.

He recently told talkSPORT: “I gotta twerk on him. I said it in an interview as a joke and then I’ve been tagged in hundreds of these posts and memes about it. I have to twerk on him. I have to twerk on the London crowd. I guess that’s what I have to do.”

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Those comments haven't gone down well with Paddy the Baddy, who responded at the media day this week. “I’m gonna teabag him. I’m gonna teabag him like it’s [Call of Duty] Modern Warfare 2," he said.

When asked to elaborate what teabagging was, Pimblett continued: "I’m going to squat as close to his head as I possibly can without the ref shouting at me. I’ll just squat up and down like I’m on Modern Warfare 2."

Having won his first two fights in the UFC, former Cage Warriors champion Pimblett is facing his toughest test yet in Leavitt, who has a 10-1 MMA record.

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He's not phased one bit by the challenge, though. Pimblett continued: “He can’t throw a punch to save his life, and he’s trying to talk s***. It’s mad.

"I can’t believe he’s talking about my opponents? That Trey Ogden (Leavitt’s last UFC opponent), my nan is dead, and she’d finish him. I didn’t mind him before the fight got announced. But he’s talking all sorts of crazy s*** and he’s an absolute crab.

“I’m going to take his head off. I’m not going to be shooting no takedowns. I’m coming to stand with him to take his head off. I’m coming to take his chin home with me.

"This might be the first ever time someone s*** himself in the Octagon. It might be the first time you’ve got to mop a bit of s*** off the floor."


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