Conor McGregor predicted outcome of Dustin Poirier rematch six years ago

UFC 257 will see Conor McGregor return to the Octagon for the first time in just over a year when he takes on Dustin Poirier in a rematch of their UFC 178 bout.

McGregor won that fight by TKO in the first round after getting into Poirier's head with his trademark trash talk.

Speaking ahead of the bout, Porier said: "He grinds my nerves a little bit, but I'm not going to jump off and pop up at everything he says.

"He does a great job at bumping his gums. I'll let him do the talking, and if I feel like I need to reply to something, I will.

"Other than that, I'm focused on this fight, I'm focused on the performance, and when all this is said and done, it's me and him, man-to-man, and we're going to fight it out."

In an episode of the UFC's Embedded series showing the build-up to their bout, Poirier adds: "I've never disliked somebody that much. There's a time to be professional. I mean, in the f***in lobby with your crews there and you wanna be a f***in jackass."

After watching the footage of Poirier's comments, McGregor predicts that he will 'whoop' the Diamond in their fight and that he 'might have to whoop him twice'.

"I'm a nice guy, no? What? 'I've never disliked anybody as much as I've disliked this guy.' I hope he likes me after I whoop his ass. I might have to whoop it twice."

McGregor will get the chance to do just that at UFC 257 and is predicting that he will finish the fight quicker than he did the first time.

Speaking to BT Sport, McGregor said: "I'm going to put on a flawless performance, an absolute clinic. I'm confident in all ranges. I've never been more confident in my endurance than I have been now.

"Dustin and his team may take a bit of disrespect from me saying I'm going to knock him out in 60 seconds, well it works both ways.

"They're trying to say about the conditioning thing, we’ll see about that if you can last through the trauma I’m going to bring to you, then we will see what you’re about and the endurance.

"I'm all excited all across the board, I'm confident in all my skills, they're on fire at the minute. Pinpoint precision."

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