Yan Dhanda backed by Swansea boss Steve Cooper after 'disgusting' racist abuse on social media

Swansea manager Steve Cooper is angry with the disgusting online racist abuse received by Yan Dhanda amid concerns Facebook’s actions are not strong enough.

Facebook said the person who racially abused Dhanda following Swansea’s midweek FA Cup loss to Manchester City will only be temporarily blocked from sending Instagram messages and will not have their account shut down, adding “we think it’s important people have the opportunity to learn from their mistakes”.

South Wales Police are continuing to investigate the abuse, with the support of both clubs.

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Dhanda, whose father hails from India, told Sky Sports News on Friday it is important these matters are dealt with in an appropriate way – a day after football’s leaders sent an open letter to social media companies calling on them to do more to stamp out abuse following a spate of recent incidents.

Cooper told Swansea’s website: “I’ve spent the last couple of days talking with Yan, making sure he is OK and making sure he knows he has the full support of everybody at the football club


“The level of abuse he received was disgusting and I cannot put into words how angry I am that one of my players has suffered at the hands of somebody who thinks that racism is acceptable.

“What people don’t see is the aftermath of how people are affected. Yan was visibly upset and angry but it goes beyond that. His family are affected, those closest to him are hurt and the ripples go far wider than just a media headline.

“Yan and I have spoken several times about his heritage, and the pride he feels in representing his community is evident in everything he says and does. To that extent, he is a superb role model and someone who takes that responsibility seriously.

“Everybody at the club stands shoulder to shoulder with Yan against racism or any form of discrimination. It has been really tough for him but his strength of character will stand him in good stead.”

The full statement issued by a company spokesman representing Facebook – which also owns Instagram – following the abuse received by Dhanda read: “We do not want racism and hate on our platforms.

Please tell me this is some kind of joke, what about the victims, their families and loved ones.

Being racial targeted or profiled because of skin colour, background, ethnicity, sex etc stays with you FOREVER! https://t.co/kKtuDCJNpA

“The person who sent this message has been restricted from sending messages for a set period of time, and we will remove new accounts created to get around this restriction.

“We think it’s important people have the opportunity to learn from their mistakes but, per the new measures put in place this week, if they continue to break our rules this account will be removed.”

Dhanda: Deal with racism properly; time to educate

Yan Dhanda told Sky Sports News on Friday that he was grateful for messages of support from “across the football community” after he was subjected to racist abuse online.

The Swansea attacking midfielder, who is one of Britain’s highest-profile South Asian footballers, said: “I’m grateful for all of the messages of support I have received from across the football community and beyond.

“It is so important these matters are dealt with in an appropriate way. Equally, it is so important we continue to educate and highlight success stories from all communities in the game.”

Dhanda added on Twitter: “How can this STILL be happening in 2021? I’m so proud of who I am and representing Asians. More has to be done!”

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