World Cup team guides from Brazil to Qatar: Manager, star player and best result

How much do you know about the Saudi Arabian football team? What about the national side of Tunisia? Or Morocco?

One of the brilliant things about international football tournaments is the exposure it gives us to players from around the world. But the sheer number and variety of teams can be intimidating.

That’s where this guide comes in. Every side is here, broken down into an analysis of their prospects, manager, and star player.

This is the perfect fuel for dinner table debates and pub arguments. But it will also allow you to sound cleverer than ever while watching matches. You’ll be able to say ‘Naturally, Ecuador looks a lot better structurally, now that Gustavo Alfaro has tightened up the defence’, while your mates look on in awe.

Check out our full guide below, and happy watching!



Coach: Felix Sanchez

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