Two players sent off for the same challenge in Gillingham vs Fleetwood clash

Gillingham's bottom of the table clash against Fleetwood Town on Monday was marred by one of the wildest red card incidents you'll see all season as a player from each side was simultaneously dismissed following an ugly 50/50.

It was your classic 'you could see it coming for miles' sort of moment, with Gills forward Charlie Kelman catapulting himself at a loose ball that Cods winger Paddy Lane also fancied. The result? A wince-inducing studs-first collision which left both men writing in agony.

Players from both sides quickly swarmed the ref attempting to disingenuously convince him that their team-mate was an innocent victim, leaving the official with no choice but to hand out an unprecedented double red – which needless to say sent social media into a bit of a frenzy.

"First time I've ever seen something like this from what I can remember," one fan tweeted.

"Watched it a dozen times, not sure. I suppose a reasonable call from the ref. I don't know, did the Fleetwood lad pull out of the challenge? Or did he leave his feet in? What an odd situation," another wrote.

What's the craziest red card you've ever seen live? Let us know in the comments section.

A third said: "I'm still confused to how it's a red card for both that's going for the same ball but then awards Gillingham the free kick."

"Peak English footy," a fourth wrote.

Both Gillingham and Fleetwood are fighting for their lives at the bottom of League One so it's little surprise that things got fairly heated, but few could've predicted such a perfectly mirrored piece of carnage.

Following their tense 0-0 draw, the Gills remain a point above Fleetwood – and the relegation zone – though their opponents crucially still have a game in hand.

Which of them will be able to beat the drop? Well if today's incident tells us anything it's that they both enjoy a little bit of mutually-assured destruction, so perhaps we'll be seeing Round 2 between Kelman and Lane in League Two next season?

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