TV star "very grateful" after Paul Gascoigne saved him from vile racist attack

BBC TV host David Olusoga has remembered the time when England legend Paul Gascoigne saved him from a racist attack.

Gascoigne is a national icon having helped the Three Lions to the semi-finals of Euro 96.

His off-field antics have been widely talked about with Gazza having battled alcohol addiction since retirement.

Though it seems the 53-year-old has always had a sensitive side, protecting A House Through Time presenter Olusoga.

Olusoga was born in Nigeria and moved to Gateshead as a child, though his family were often targeted by the National Front.

And the TV host has talked about how Gascoigne once pulled hum up after one incident.

He told Desert Island Discs: “My older sister, Yinka, was three years ahead of me and in her class was Paul Gascoigne. I have one memory of Paul, one strong memory.

“Which is of lying on my back having been pushed over and hit in the playground and this kid with light coloured hair and very bright blue eyes leaned over, he was beside my sister and he gave me his hand and he pulled me up.

“He must have been maybe nine, I must've been maybe six or seven, something like that.

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“He was one of the tough kids, you won't be surprised to learn.

“It wasn't really in his interest to be looking after this couple of black kids. And I'm very grateful for that.”

Gascoigne previously said he had remembered helping his younger school-mate out.

He said: "I was only young but I do remember. I hated bullies and I did not like what was happening."

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