Transfer system a step closer

The introduction of an Australian domestic transfer system is a step closer after the release of a “white paper” by Football Australia.

The document will be discussed by key stakeholders as a “fit-for-purpose” domestic transfer system is considered.

Currently, players cannot be sold from one A-League club to another, but a loan system does exist for the competition’s younger talent.

“The absence of a domestic transfer system has meant that Australian football has been unable to fully integrate into world football by embedding itself in the global football market which has led to lost economic and sporting opportunities for our game over many years,” FA chief executive James Johnson said.

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“In 2019, FIFA reported that Australia received just US$1.9 million (A$2.4 million) in transfer receipts from a market currently valued at US$7.35 billion (A$9.43 billion) for men alone.

“This low figure received by Australian clubs is in stark contrast to many nations of a similar or lower international ranking than our national teams, and to many countries with significantly smaller populations than Australia.

“It also highlights that Australian clubs, from the professional right down to the grassroots, are missing out on vital funds that could be used to underpin and enhance the sport.

“We believe that the implementation of a fit-for-purpose system will have transformational benefits for football in Australia and particularly our professional and grassroots clubs by reconnecting the game and stimulating growth.”

Elements identified by the white paper to ensure a “properly functioning transfer system” include administration of transfers, loans, player eligibility rules, registration windows, transfer fees and dispute resolution.

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