Tottenham offer Emerson Royal support after armed robber ‘threatened to kill’ defender

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Tottenham Hotspur have offered Emerson Royal welfare support after an armed robber threatened to kill the defender while on holiday in Brazil. Emerson’s father described the incident as a ‘horror scene’ after he was saved by an off-duty policeman outside a Brazilian nightclub.

The 23-year-old took to social media to confirm the events, and he hailed the ‘angel’ officer who ‘risked his life’ to save him by engaging in a gunfight with the assailant. The initially-starstruck unidentified saviour had asked for a picture with him just moments before the attempted robbery.

He wrote: “God sends angels to earth, this is confirmed every day in my life. This human being, I call him an angel, risked his own life to save mine. I will be forever grateful to you. You were essential for me to be here today! This photo was moments before the event, where he said he was my fan and asked for a photo with me.”

Emerson wasn’t injured in the attack and attended a nearby police station to provide information shortly after. The Telegraph report Tottenham have since reached out to Emerson to check on his welfare and offer any support he needs after the altercation in South America.

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Further information about the attack has been released by Robson Goncalves de Oliveira, a police delegate in Sao Paulo. Emerson was said to have been partying at the nightclub before the robber approached him, with friends and family, at 3am, threatening to kill him unless he surrendered his gold chain and watch.

After taking a picture with Emerson, the off-duty officer was still nearby and intervened, warning the assailant to drop his gun, to which he refused. It led to a gunfight between the two, with the criminal firing 17 times and the officer returning nine shots.

During the incredible shoot-off, Goncalves de Oliveira stated Emerson and his party were aimlessly ‘running and dodging’, unaware of where the shots were coming from. The assailant is currently under police escort in hospital after suffering injuries in the shooting.

Emerson will be a well-known figure in Brazil, earning seven caps for the nation and in contention to represent them at this year’s World Cup. However, police have confirmed they don’t believe his status played a role in why he was targeted for the attack.

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