Scholes and Owen clash over referee’s controversial Liverpool vs Man Utd call

Michael Owen and Paul Scholes disagreed about the controversial incident at the end of the first-half in Liverpool 's 0-0 draw with Manchester United at Anfield, which saw referee Paul Tierney blow the half-time whistle with six seconds left to go of the minute added on.

As Tierney blew the whistle, Xherdan Shaqiri was about to play a through-ball over the top towards Sadio Mane.

Speaking after the game, Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson was not happy with the decision, telling Sky Sports: "Yeah, we weren't happy about that, as you can imagine.

"Strange, very strange, you know I think he's through on goal if he doesn't blow, we were frustrated at half-time. There was still plenty of time for us to score the goal, but again just lacked the quality in the last bit."

When debating the incident on Premier League Productions, Owen and Scholes clashed, with Owen saying: "I wouldn't be [happy] to be honest. If I was Sadio Mane or anyone in the Liverpool team, I think I'd be a little bit annoyed. The whistle goes literally as he's about to run in on goal, the ball has just left his foot."

Scholes then replies: "The whistle goes as it's time for half time."

"Well of course", responds Owen, "but that’s not necessarily what happened, is it? If there’s a chance brewing…"

When the presenter reveals that the whistle was about five seconds early, Scholes adds: "Was it really? Well, that makes a difference then."

Owen then continues: "Even if it had been on the dot, I still think if you are about to cross the ball into the box or about to play a through-ball or something…"

Scholes interjects: "If the time's up, Michael, you have to blow the whistle. You can't just wait…"

To which Owen replies: "That's another sport. Football's not like that and never has been. If there's a chance brewing, then the referee…"

Steve McManaman then gets involved, saying: "I mean there wasn't a chance was there? I'm not sticking up for anyone here but the ball is in Liverpool's half.

"It's 70 yards away from the goal when he blows his whistle. It's before it's played. Lindelof stops because he hears the whistle, Wan-Bissaka's stopping when he hears the whistle.

"As far as I'm concerned, that's a non-event. You shouldn't even be mentioning that. You should be mentioning how bad the game was in the final third."

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