Roy Keane breaks his golden rule when meeting an NFL icon

Roy Keane heads to New York to watch Aaron Rodgers’ first game for the Jets… before ex-Man United star breaks his golden rule when meeting an NFL icon in the stands

  • Keane has previously revealed that he never asked to swap shirts as a footballer
  • The pundit was once seen rejecting a fan’s request for a selfie at a London game
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Roy Keane broke his own golden rule over the international break in swapping shirts with a fellow sports star.

The footballer-turned-pundit took some time off during the break and jetted to New York to watch Aaron Rodgers’ first game for the New York Jets as they took on the Buffalo Bills in the States.

Keane was a guest as he watched the Jets run out 22-16 winners on the day, with Rodgers suffering an unfortunate foot injury just minutes into the game.

The quarter-back is set to have an MRI scan on Tuesday to learn the extent of the injury, with the club fearful his season may be over after getting sacked by Bills’ Leonard Floyd on the fourth snap of a nightmare start to his Jets career.

But it was all smiles for Keane as he traded shirts with Jets legend Nick Mangold, something he’s openly expressed in the past that he hated doing during his playing days.

Roy Keane (left) broke his own golden rule when he attended New York Jets versus Buffalo Bills (credit: New York Jets)

Keane swapped shirts with Jets legend Nick Mangold as the pair posed for a photo in the States over the international break (credit: New York Jets)

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‘I’ve asked one player to swap a jersey, which I regret,’ Keane previously told Gary Neville on The Overlap.

‘We played Germany with Ireland, pre World Cup ’94 in a friendly. It was after the game, and we beat them to be fair.

‘He was walking off and I was only being polite. It was the sweeper, [Matthias] Sammer, and he said no. I went “ya f****** p****’ anyway”.

‘That was it. I just thought I shouldn’t be asking anybody. I was only being polite, it’s not that I wanted his jersey.’

The now-much-loved pundit handed Mangold a Manchester United third kid in exchange for his jets shirt, and both former sportsmen signed the shirts before posing for photos.

The game was Aaron Rodgers’ debut for the Jets, but he went off injured with a foot injury

Keane famously rejected a fans’ approach for a selfie during an NFL game in London last year

Keane is famously a big NFL fan, having attended a game between the Green Bay Packers and the New York Giants at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in October 2022.

He was hilariously left far from pleased after he was pestered by a fan for a selfie while watching the game in London.

In a video posted to social media, a spectator can be seen approaching Keane on the day, who immediately points to the pitch to indicate that he is not willing to interact.

The fan then steps into his line of vision to walk past, forcing Keane to crane his neck to get a look at the action, before crossing his arms and shaking his head in disbelief.


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