Ronaldinho turns life around and ‘makes £700,000’ since being sent to prison

Ronaldinho hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons last year after he was jailed for using a fake passport, but seems to have turned his life around now.

The Brazil and Barcelona legend was jailed for 171 days, during which time he was seen playing futsal behind bars with his fellow inmates.

It then emerged that at the time of his arrest, Ronaldinho – who had earned a reported £9.2million per-year during his time at Barca – was almost bankrupt.

He apparently had £5 to his name and was on the verge of declaring bankruptcy, especially after having paid a fine of £66,000.

But now, he has reportedly turned his life around and is now back on track.

French outlet Le Pais claims he has earned more than £710,000 since coming out of jail after a series of good choices with advertising and sponsorship deals.

Ronaldinho was named an honorary citizen of Belo Horizonte, a city in northern Brazil, late last year and has ventured into the music scene in the area.

He’s opened a studio in the area and recorded a song with rappers Djonga and Recayd Mob.

The former player also started his own wine and gin brands after coming out of prison.

The report from Le Pais, via AS, also claims Ronaldinho earned a significant amount from his involvement with FIFA 21 and Pro Evolution Soccer.

Ronaldinho is featured as an unlockable player in both games, and has his own team, dubbed ‘R10 Team’, in FIFA 21.

This year is set to be equally as fruitful for the former player, who is set to release a film about his playing career.

After announcing the film, he wrote on Instagram: “A difficult stage is coming to an end, thank God. I have no words to thank you for all the care and support that I have received in recent months.”

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