Reynolds and McElhenney told 'handsome' Wrexham rival to 'f**k off'

REVEALED: Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney told ‘handsome’ League Two rival to ‘f**k off’… before they joked they should ‘switch allegiances and do a doc’ on Notts County as Wrexham’s Hollywood owners relive dramatic clash from last season

  • The latest episode of Welcome to Wrexham relives a classic from last season 
  • Previously unheard chat between Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney are revealed during the episode, in which they joke a rival player should ‘f**k off’
  • Listen to the latest episode of Mail Sport’s podcast ‘It’s All Kicking Off!’ 

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney jokingly wished ‘handsome’ Notts County striker Macaulay Langstaff would ‘f**k off’ as the pair’s emotional rollercoaster following Wrexham and their battle for promotion hit our screens overnight. 

The Hollywood stars were in fine form in ‘Hand of Foz’, the latest episode of their hit documentary series Welcome to Wrexham, charting the highs and lows of their ownership of the Welsh football team. 

In previously unheard conversations prior to a season-defining match-up against promotion rivals Notts County, it was National League top scorer Langstaff that was the target of their frustrations. 

‘Macaulay Langstaff, he can f**k off,’ McElhenney said bluntly.  

‘Yeah, god that guy is good. He’s handsome as f**k. He looks like he could be in Peaky Blinders,’ Reynolds said in response, with McElhenney concurring that it is ‘bulls**t’.

Ryan Reynolds (right) and Rob McElhenney (left) had plenty to say in Wrexham’s documentary

They joked that ‘handsome’ Notts County striker Macaulay Langstaff needed to ‘f**k off’ 

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Wrexham and Notts County went neck and neck in the National League last season in a bid to win the one automatic promotion spot back into the Football League.

The latest episode focuses on their Easter Monday clash in Wrexham, with both teams locked on 100 points at the top of the table. 

‘I have never in my f***ing life been this wound up for a match,’ Reynolds says. 

‘What happened before with Halifax [Wrexham lost 3-1 at FC Halifax Town three days prior] created a sort of vortex, a vice grip of anxiety, a dread…’

The episode tracks the rollercoaster emotions in the fan-base, as well as the ups and downs of the day for the Hollywood pair, up in their Aviation Gin suite at the stadium.

Prior to kick-off, Reynolds and McElhenney are seen looking out onto an empty pitch and jokingly say: ‘Is it too late to switch our allegiances and do a docu-series just to cover Notts? It’s an amazing story.’

When it gets down to business it is a cut and thrust game with Notts County landing the first blow, with John Bostock scoring a stunning free-kick just before half-time. 

The latest episode of Welcome to Wrexham shows Hollywood pair’s emotional rollercoaster

Wrexham came out 3-2 victors over Notts County, with both side sitting on 100 points or more

A rousing speech from manager Phil Parkinson sends Wrexham back out with a fire lit under them and they go on to score three goals, edging them ahead 3-2 heading into the final few minutes.  

In an agonising finish, Eoghan O’Connell is penalised for handball and gives a last minute penalty away, to the shock of Reynolds and McElhenney. 

‘It felt like a classic Wrexham moment,’ Reynolds laughs later. 

‘Let’s find some f***ing way to extract the maximum amount of terror and anxiety and edge of your seat s**t out of this thing.’

Foster, in a now iconic moment, saves Cedwyn Scott’s last-gasp penalty and Wrexham go on to claim a crucial three points that helped guide them to promotion. 

Both McElhenney and Reynolds hail the match as one of the ‘greatest moments’ in their entire lives. 

What follows is jubilation in the dressing room and McElhenney gets so excited he plants a kiss on the lips of Foster amid the delirium. 

Ben Foster saved a 97th-minute penalty to hold off Notts County and seal the dramatic 3-2 win

Welcome to Wrexham is streaming now on Hulu and FX in the United States, and on Disney+ in the UK. The final two episodes of Season Two will air next week


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