Real Madrid manager Ancelotti appeared in Star Trek and can even do Vulcan sign

Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti once appeared in a blockbuster Star Trek movie and can even do the Vulcan hand gesture.

The Los Blancos boss, 62, showcased his abilities as an actor in the hit film Star Trek Beyond where he portrayed a doctor at Starbase Yorktown. Dressed up in typical Starfleet attire, Ancelotti can be spotted with a brief cameo showing, where the Italian manager examines an alien aboard a spacecraft.

"I have a small part. I am a doctor on the enterprise," Ancelotti told Sky Sports in 2016. "The husband of the actress, Zoe Saldana, is Italian and we have a good relationship with the family."

"They were in Vancouver to film the movie and they asked me to come to watch and I went there. I spoke with the director and the director said to me I will put you in a small part.

"'Are you joking', 'no no I'm serious'. Normal face [no Spock ears] with the dress of the doctor of the enterprise," he continued before replying "no" when asked if he is given the chance to perform the Vulcan sign in the film.

Though Ancelotti was unable to prove his worth as an extra-terrestrial humanoid in the movie, the then-Bayern Munich boss was only too happy to broadcast the Vulcan sign with his left hand at the end of the interview.

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Speaking to La Gazzetta dello Sport, via The Independent, about the cameo, he said: "play the part of a scientist who has to examine an alien. It was good, I pretended it was Cristiano Ronaldo in front of me…"

It's also undeniable Star Trek isn't the only instance where Ancelotti has beamed up to join the elite – the Italian has enjoyed a sensational return to the Santiago Bernabeu after leaving Everton at the end of last season.

Losing out to city rivals Atletico last term, Los Blancos have stormed to the summit of La Liga and are now just one win away from sealing a historic 35th title.

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