MMA champ Laframboise won't give up UFC dream – despite surprise baby!

MMA fighter Corinne Laframboise is forced to withdraw from the biggest fight of her life after discovering she is three months PREGNANT… but she is refusing to close door on UFC dream

  • MMA fighter Corinne Laframboise found she was pregnant a week before a fight
  • The news meant she had to withdraw from the chance to win a UFC contract
  • Now she is focused on her baby – but could pursue her dream again in the future

MMA fighter Corinne Laframboise insists she will not ‘close the door’ on her ambitions to fight in UFC – even after having to withdraw from the fight of her life after discovering she was pregnant just days before. 

The current flyweight champion in the UAE Warriors promotion was due to fight Rainn Guerrero in Dana White’s Contender Series on September 5, with a UFC contract up for grabs for the victor. 

However, after a routine blood test and just six days ahead of the bout, her doctor called to say she was three months pregnant.

Luckily, having done no sparring training, the baby was completely unharmed by her weeks of preparation. 

‘I was in the car waiting for my fiance and it was like the entire world stopped – we didn’t expect it,’ the 34-year-old told BBC Sport. 

MMA fighter Corinne Laframboise discovered she was pregnant just days before the biggest fight of her life

Laframboise had been preparing to fight in Dana White’s Contender Series for a shot at a UFC contract

‘The day after we did the scan to see if there was a baby or a mistake [by the doctor], and there was one baby. We heard the heartbeat, we saw the two arms, two feet.

‘And [now] we know it’s a girl. And she’s healthy, no problem.’

You might ask how she did not notice any signs that she was pregnant, but all her intense training and strict diet meant she did not put on any weight. 

While she is going to focus on her baby for now, she did not rule out a potential future Contender Series fight.

The UAE Warriors flyweight champion has not ruled out going for her dream again one day. ‘I’m made to be in the UFC,’ she said

‘I cannot tell you right now,’ she said. ‘I want to focus on the baby, and what’s going to happen.

‘In the best-case scenario, maybe I can continue to fight. I know that I’m made to be in the UFC. I’m strong enough to be there, I like to finish people in the first and second round, I give a good show, I’m really marketable.

‘I’ll just see how it goes with the baby, but I don’t close the door.’

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