McManaman 'ASTOUNDED' at Quansah goal vs Toulouse being disallowed

Jarell Quansah’s disallowed goal against Toulouse leaves Steve McManaman ‘ASTOUNDED’ as he can’t believe it was ruled out… but other TNT Sports pundits think handball against Alexis Mac Allister was right

  • Jarell Quansah’s dream first Liverpool goal was quashed by a late VAR decision 
  •  Alexis MacAllister’s handball well before the goal was used to justify the call
  • What’s Brendan Rodgers doing in the Scottish wilderness? It’s All Coming Up 

The decision to cancel Jarell Quansah’s late goal against Toulouse due to an Alexis Mac Allister handball astonished Steve McManaman – but other pundits thought it was the right call.  

Quansah thought he had his first Reds goal when he bundled the ball home in the final minute of added time. 

However, referee Georgi Kabakov was called over to the screen and overturned the goal due to an Mac Allister handball some time before in the build-up to the goal.

The decision denied Liverpool a dramatic late comeback as they slumped to a 3-2 defeat in the Europa League – just their second loss of the season. 

McManaman told TNT Sports: ‘This was seven or eight movements before the goal even happened. He’s given handball! What on earth. Talking about re-reffing the game. That happened… I’m astonished. Chest onto the arm but then the game carries on and there’s a thousand things that happen after that.

Jarell Quansah was denied a first Liverpool goal after a controversial VAR call against Toulouse

A handball by Alexis Mac Allister in the build-up was used to justify cancelling the equaliser

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‘Astounded by that. This reffing in Europe has not been seen in its greatest light over these last couple of days at all.

‘I get if it’s handball then right into the back of the net but the referee has just missed it and the game carries on and a thousand things happen.’

In TNT Sports’ post-match analysis, McManaman’s opinions werenot endorsed.  

Rachel Brown-Finnis said: ‘[It was] Rightly ruled out in my opinion.’

Joe Cole said: ‘It’s a handball. I’m sure we all were wondering when the VAR were looking at it as it’s such a long time from the actual goal, but the referee got it right. Much to the dismay of Liverpool fans and player, it was a handball.’

While the ball did strike MacAllister’s arm, debate will rage around whether it was fair to scrub off the goal when the infringement occurred so long before the goal. 

The referee had initially pointed to the centre circle, as if to award a goal, before signalling that he would review the footage. 

It is the latest in a string of contentious calls and when former players can’t even discern what is right and wrong, more clarity and consistency is arguably needed.  


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