Man Utd’s new approach to deals ‘could annoy agents’ who earned £272m in fees

Manchester United have risked incurring the wrath of football agents after they implemented a new approach on loan deals.

This week, it was revealed that Premier League clubs paid of £272million to agents in the past season, in spite of the pandemic leaving clubs without matchday revenue.

But Mirror Sport claim United bosses will no longer pay agents a commission on loan moves and will instead expect the buying club to stump up the cash.

If a player earns £1m-a-year, the agent would be due five per cent or £50,000 in commission, United might have to make up £500,000 in wages, they then believe the other club should help pay the other £500,000 rather than pay the agent twice.

The imminent change may not go down well with agents, but should ensure players go to the best clubs for their progression.

United paid agents the third-most of any top-flight clubs last year, with a total of £29,801,555.

Ahead of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's side is Man City at £30,174,615 and big-spending Chelsea at more than £35million.

The figures come as FIFA plan to put a cap on agent fees, meaning they can not be paid more than three per cent of any deal.

That has sparked a furious response from some of the biggest names in the industry, with Mino Raiola admitting he hopes FIFA ceases to exist in the future.

He told the Athletic: “I think FIFA should not exist. My dream, and hopefully I live to see it, is to see a new football system, a more honest system and industry. It’s an old system.

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  • “When you have scandals every year, it’s not a coincidence anymore. It’s a pattern, it’s part of your DNA, it’s because your organisation is what it is. So the big question today in 2021 is: what is the sense of having FIFA?

    “It is the commercial institution we gave all the power to, for no reason whatsoever. I don’t understand the federations that want to be a member of an organisation that, in the past, had all these scandals.

    “So we don’t need it (FIFA). We don’t need an organisation that doesn’t know what is going on in modern football.”

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